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Paper, an Eczema Trigger


Contact Dermatitis on the Hands:

It is amazing how fast you forget old ailments when you have reached a comfortable space where you have not had the discomfort, pain or irritation of a condition for a while.

I have started to work with paper projects again after many years of being unable to do so due to the burn accident. But now my hands are so much better that we have progressed to finer motor skills exercises which include things like indulging in arts and crafts (as an alternative to physiotherapy).

Unfortunately, I have discounted the fact that paper is one of my external eczema triggers and halfway into the project, the maddening itch of contact dermatitis started up.

Thank goodness, hubby has found a solution to this problem as well and I applied a thin layer of Axhilirit Eczema Cream to my hands, arms, face and neck. Basically all the areas exposed to the paper dust.

The itching stopped within seconds and, as the cream does not leave an oily residue, I was able to progress with my paper play a few minutes later.

Just now, lesson learnt. Do not indulge in paper crafts without first suiting up in an invisible suit of armour of Axhilirit Eczema Cream!


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Originally Blogged: 27 October 2014 (reblogged from Rejuvinit Beauty Blog due to technical difficulties)

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