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Best Eczema Treatment

Originally shared February 9, 2013

Stress! The number one trigger for my eczema. Quickly subdued with Axhilirit Eczema Cream, I am again in awe at the speed at which our products take care of the annoying itching sensation, stopping the potential flare-up in its tracks.

I am humbled to be reminded that we are making a difference in people’s lives with our products. One individual at a time, including my own.

It is amazing that when your own condition is under control, you do not really think about it until there is a crisis that brings it to your attention.

Our products were designed to work swiftly so that you can return to living life.

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Best Eczema Treatment for Princess Leia

The picture is of Princess Leia, one of our Weimaraner dogs that used to have eczema. This photo was taken during one of her weekly Axhilirit Eczema Oil baths. She hated getting her feet wet.












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