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Path of the Writer
      Within the Oneness, I am to walk the path of the writer. Which is the path of inward discovery and outward loneliness.
         Only the writer knows how he truly feels and what he truly experiences on the path of producing the outcome within the pages of a book. A book to be read and re-read by the people that need and enjoy that which the writer had created.
      Creating. As sure as creating a body for a child. This is a tool for the soul, to enlighten, to soothe, to bring understanding, to grow. We all read. Every time we stop reading, we have learned so much more. We have, in some small way, changed, grown, grieved, cried, laughed with the author, the character, ourselves.
      We have healed a part of our being, we have learned to understand some part which we needed to understand.
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Originally Published on 28 Dec 2010
Re-published: Jan 2014
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