The Chronicles of Han Storm

Living a Multidimensional Life: Chapter 2: The Chronicles of Han: NDE and Life Review

000 a4 NDE autobiography by H Gibson - chronicles of Han


*** Two ***

   *Shoot!* I thought to myself. *I'm on fire. I am burning.*
   From the back of my mind I heard Sensaii telling me to roll, to remember the refresher course I had that same afternoon. This encouraged me to douse the flames on my head and face with my hands before rolling in the wet grass to smother the rest of the boiling oil.
   *Water!* my brain told me and I headed over to the huge water trough the horses used.
   Sitting down in the water, I started splashing water over my head and arms, keeping my burnt legs submerged.
   Strangely, it did not hurt that much. I guess the pain would only come later.
   *The body knows what happened. It does not need to warn you by telling you something is wrong through pain.*
   A lesson I had forgotten.
   Ronald needed my attention and I looked up at him.
   "What do we do?" he wanted to know, not really comprehending the severity of my burns.
   He had sustained burns to his hands and feet as well.
   "Phone 082-911," I told him while continuing to splash water over myself, the act of talking making my facial skin feel uncomfortable.
   "Are you okay?" the gentleman that also lived on the property inquired, jumping over the enclosure fence on seeing that we were in trouble.
   "No! My wife has been burnt badly!" Ronald replied.
   "I will fetch my wife to see to the children," he immediately stated, again using the fence as the shortest route to fetch his wife.
   "Is Lulu okay?" I wished to know as her box had been partially hit by the firestorm and I feared she might be injured as well.
   "Lulu is a good girl. She stayed as instructed," Ronald replied, phoning the number I had given him.
   He left a moment to check up on the children and to unlock the front door for the people to assist us.
   I used this time to figure out that my face was swelling and it was my spectacles creating the intense feeling of discomfort.
   Immediate relief followed upon removal of the melted and twisted frame.
   I dropped the spectacles next to the trough before inspecting my hands where the skin was busy peeling off like melted plastic.
   The bones of my left hand and wrist were visible, all muscle and flesh burnt away.
   Discomfort in my legs made me move them. The right thigh, just black skin and grey-white blanched muscle down to the knee. The left thigh was burnt almost as badly.
   As long as I kept my legs and arms submerged, the discomfort was bearable.
   I had to keep on splashing water over my face to stave off the intense cold burning there as well.
   "The little ones are okay," Ronald informed me. "The emergency personnel connected me to Sunninghill Hospital. The helicopter is otherwise occupied and they are sending an ambulance that should be here in about fifteen minutes.
   Is there anything else I can do?"
   This was good news. I used to work for Sunninghill Hospital's Manager, so the staff would know me.
   "Phone your sister to bring your mother to look after the children," I told Ronald, staying put in the water where it was comfortable.
   He was on the phone for a while before reporting back.
   "My sister just stopped in front of my mother's house. She will explain the situation and help her pack before bringing her here to assist us.
   The emergency personnel also called to say they are almost here. We must just keep the wounds submerged."
   "Please run water into the bath for me. I wish to get out of these oil soaked clothes."
   "Okay," he replied. "Stay right there until I have a bath ready for you."
   "Ronald!" I called him back.
   "Yes, Han?"
   "Please. I do not want our child see me like this. Keep her away from me."
   "Okay," Ronald agreed, leaving again to prepare the bath.
   "It is ready," Ronald stated, ignoring his own pain and open wounds to help me out of the trough.
   Dripping wet, I hobbled through the house, down the passage to the main bedroom, carefully discarding my clothes in a heap. The cotton T-shirt and short pants had protected my torso from the fire as all the burns sustained were on the exposed areas.
   Sitting down in the cool water, the harsh reality of the extent of the damage was glaringly illuminated by the bright lighting.
   The realization of being in serious trouble gave way to relief when Ronald entered, stating the Ambulance had arrived.
   He helped me out of the bath and we managed to dress me in an undergarment before the emergency personnel arrived.
   Basically naked and vulnerable, none took offence, insisting I lay down on the trolley so they could attend to the burns, giving me an injection for pain before wrapping my limbs in gel patches.
   "Do not let my child see me like this!" I again ordered Ronald who had been treated superficially by the second technician.
   Yet on our way out the front door, my eldest came over to touch me for a moment while I tried to hide my face from her. I suspected that I looked like hell itself. I did not wish to let my child remember me this way.
   "Go to your sister. Look after the baby," I told her while they wheeled me past to the ambulance.
   Without delay, we were raced through to the hospital. Ronald was by now in severe pain while I knew I should feel pain but all I felt was cold.
   As we sped along, my body started to shake. I knew it was going into shock and if I should lose track of time I would die. 
   This was an unusual thought. I was aware that time was of the essence to keep me alive, yet I felt that if, for any reason I should become unaware of time, I would die.
   The technician gave me another injection and the shaking subsided.   
   At the ER, one of the best plastic surgeons in South Africa, Dr Ching, was waiting for us while Dr Kozaczynski was in charge and the surgeon on duty.
   "Please," I pleaded. "I'm prone to infections. I just had a baby and had been on high doses of antibiotics. I submerged myself in the animal's drinking trough. Just stop any infection."
   Dr Kozaczynski smiled at me as if to say that I actually had bigger problems to worry about than a bit of infection from dirty water.
   "We need to remove the undergarment," Dr Kozaczynski kindly told me. "Is it okay if we cut it away?"
   "Of course. Do what you must," I gave my permission, aware that there was no place left for shyness.
   Both doctors donned examination gear and started removing the gel pads in order to examine the extent of the damage to my body.
   I listened intently while the doctors charted the burns.
   "35% third degree burns," they concluded.
   "We are unsure of inhalation burns," Dr Kozaczynski stated for the record.
   "Where is your glasses?" he wished to know.
   "I removed them when my face started swelling," I replied, finding it interesting that he remembered that I wear spectacles.
   "Your spectacles saved your corneas," he informed me as a matter of fact while looking for a vein to secure an IV into my shoulder to start a drip as my arms were not accessible.
   "I'm putting this in here to save you from further discomfort," he told me, watching my eyes while stitching the inserted needle in place.
   *Look at the clock. Do not lose time!* Sensaii urged me.
   This instruction was so persistent that I looked past the doctor at the ER wall clock stating 7h50.
   Sound faded to muted tones before blackness overcame my body.
   The familiar feeling of slipping out of my body into Astral was followed by my awareness of drifting above the scene, looking down where the doctors and personnel were scrambling to revive me.
   I was exceedingly lucky.
   All the burns were to the front of my body.
   My face, neck, both arms and hands, and both legs looked like black crisps.
   Part of the wrist-, hand- and finger- bones of the left hand was exposed.
   I had lost the tip of my nose and the tip of my left ear as well.
   As the defibrillator touched my body, awareness returned to the flesh.
   I was back, hearing the doctors discussing the amputation of my fingers.
   Then I was out again, ignoring the scene of frantic desperation below me, joining Sensaii before heading off to the Land of the Golden Light . . .

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The Chronicles of Han

Living a Multidimensional Life
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Near Death Experience, Life Review, Aftermath
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