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Living a Multidimensional Life: H Gibson NDE autobiography "About this book"

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*** About this book ***

   If you are easily offended by, not interested in, or unsympathetic towards metaphysical experiences, this book is not for you.
   If you fear death or wish to know what happens when you die, please go ahead and read this book. Just keep an open mind and heart.
   This book is meant to be enjoyed independently while complementing the current Chronicles of Han Past Life book series. This book covers the NDEs (Near Death Experiences), Life Review, impact, and recovery process from Third Degree Burns to 35% of my body.
   The original book had been compiled from memory, diary entries, and visits to the Akashic Records.
   After many years it was finally completed in 2018 and presented to the editor, selected beta readers and other interested parties.
   Unfortunately, the original work was found to be unsuitable to share with this world in its unabridged form. It was advised to rather rewrite this Chronicle into a more reader friendly version.
   After long discussions and advice that I should put myself back into this book as I do with my Past Life books, this new version of my NDE book has morphed into a tribute to the tenacity of survival, and a brief look at the reverence and mystery, or stigma and misery, near death or death experiences may elicit in the lives of NDErs and those around them.
   Once again, this was not the original intent of the book. I just wished to tell my own story to the best of my abilities, healing by taking an in-depth look at how events transpired.
   Looking over these events, it is interesting to note that Divine planning had already been on the cards and was being executed like a well-organized plan.
   Some people say this accident must have been a pre-ordained event, while others still wonder about the choices I made that evening. We have our suspicions but will never really know as I had two choices and chose not to go out for dinner, leading to this event.
   With the self-forgiveness this scrutiny brought, I can now finally leave this chapter in the past and move forward with the rest of my life.
   Please note this work has been translated into English and consists of my private life experiences. Some names have been omitted to protect identities.
   Each person that has undergone NDEs, OBEs or elements out of the norm, recount similar or different experiences.
   This is my personal experience. I honour the experiences of other people. I expect to receive the same courtesy.
   As stated in the Legal section, I reserve the right not to engage in any communication with individuals having questions. Most questions about life, after-life, incarnation, reincarnation, and death's questions had been discussed in my other books.
   As a metaphysical author, I only have 24 hours in a day like the rest of humanity.
   If you wish a private interview or correspondence, please make an appointment and compensate me accordingly for my time. 

The Chronicles of Han
Living a Multidimensional Life
Section 1:
Near Death Experience, Life Review, Aftermath
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Date Published: 3 February 2019
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