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Love Thyself

October 23, 2017 -

An interested party once stated that my past life books must surely be a glorious representation of the self.

It puzzled me for a while why someone could say something like that.

I asked readers and my editor about it as I did not wish to glorify any of my lives.

My intention is to relate my histories as accurately as possible, as they happened while keeping it entertaining and educational narratives.

The startling conclusion I came to was this:

You are always stuck with yourself, forever or until you relinquish individuality.

You will always be the most important aspect in your life, even if you dedicate your life to the good of all.

In the end, after leaving a life, a legacy for the living, it is still only you, with yourself.

Since realizing this, I had become a fond friend of myself, been more forgiving of myself, letting go of anger and disappointment quicker and is generally living a happier life, with my loved ones responding positively upon this newfound self-love.

Han Gibson, Author, The Chronicles of Han


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