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Consciousness. The New Religion for the 5th Dimension.

Now that Consciousness, NDEs, Past Lives and Telepathy are the leading-edge topics for the 'new' science of spirituality, The Chronicles of Han book series launched in 2008 can at last shine as a leader on these topics. 

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"Wat die hart van vol is, loop die mond van oor." An indigenous saying meaning "what is truly in the heart, spouts out of the mouth."
How do you split who you truly are from your Destiny? From what your Cosmic Mission is?
I am who I am. The books, oils, crystals, modalities, are who this Fractal portrays in this current lifetime, mere facets of MySelf. The interaction is fused together as sure as this body had been burnt to a crisp, to rise as a Phoenix from the ashes into longevity and God forbid, immortality.
These vibrations heal people on all levels. And all you need to do is read a story, anoint yourself, hold a crystal or otherwise connect vibrationally to an ancient energy, basking directly within its energy field, or even remotely through technology.
All you need to do is read a story

Is it too much to ask, too much to tolerate, too much to know and feel the vibrations within?

I was asked if I was not a bit narcissistic, speaking so much about myself. This led to introspection and the awareness that I had been laying bare my very soul for people to read and learn, heal and attain courage and hope within themselves - NOT to be trampled upon.
I had been laying bare my very soul

Am I re-assessing my life, my books, why I had returned to this realm?
Yes, every single day, every second I am awake within this body, every second I am away from it on astral or spiritual journeys.
For what? For what am I doing this, putting in this hard work? For humans? For mankind? For Earth? This Universe? The Cosmos?
For you to still have a life in the highest vibration you can reach?
For the billions who pray to a deity instead of their gods?

Do I really need to continue doing what I'm doing? No, I can leave by opening a new door.

Thus I kindly suggest you make use of this opportunity to furbish yourself with the vibrations of The Chronicles of Han for there will come a time when it is no longer available. 
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