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June 2018 - thunder approaching


Experience the Change

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I am so grateful to be where I currently find myself, to be able to reside temporarily in this beautiful environment, learning something new at every moment.

Life is all about change.

We flow from moment to moment into a new being. We change all the time. This is the beauty of life itself.

Split seconds can change your life forever. As with my NDEs it does not need to define who you are or wish to be. You can change, and do change with every subsequent experience.

I see how people change when they read my books. I see how they change right in front of my eyes, how people come with pain and timidity, or anger and turmoil, and literally change, to leave calm and serene, filled with courage and hope. Healed, empowered, changed into enhanced beings.

And the most wondrous part is, I learn from every encounter, changing in myself to become an improved being too.

Life just is. It does not owe you anything or ask anything from you. Life is a privileged opportunity to become the best You, You can Be.

Thus live moment to moment and make the most of each moment allocated to you.




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