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#FAQ #Spirit #Guides From another thread, "Do you know your Spirit Guides? Do you see and hear them?"
I know this is a question I do get from time to time. This is the short answer: (Pic of AJM Annatjie/Jade/Mithrya)

Han's Guides and Spirit Team.

Some spirits and guides come and go as needed, while a whole team always surrounds me.

Where to begin? 

Yes, I can see, hear, smell and feel them. To me they are as real as the flesh and blood people in my life. Sometimes my house is so crowded that I chase everyone out just to get a bit of space for myself. It is really funny actually, especially when my household complains that there is too much energy going about.

Light Angel, been with me since the instant of my soul's creation, eternal and guardian and will be with me forever. Each soul has such a guardian angel attached to them.

Duek, Dark Guardian as spoken about in my books. With me again in this lifetime for various reasons, Head of Higher Protection and runs what I call minions or minor servants for all sorts of errands.

G-Nash, Gryphunite, Head of Security, in charge of 24 other lions with wings. He is also in my past life books. One of the Gryphunites has been allocated to my youngest as she is up to mischief all the time.

Sensaii, (spirit person) my brother from since I can remember, been with me since birth in this lifetime, spirit friend, guide and keeping me company.

Katrina, (spirit person) also from various previous adventures, Healer Guide and she assists in healing this body.

Annie/Annayeke, (spirit person) shared various adventures in previous lives, bio-mother in most of them, but not this lifetime. Annie came here to support and assist me with writing our past life adventures.

AJM, Annatjie/Jade/Mithrya, (real life/spirit person) the love of my lives, the person about which the Han Chronicles revolve. Our story is that of eternal love, lost millennia ago and re-kindled briefly in this incarnation. Annatjie passed a few years ago into spirit to become Mithrya, her soul-spirit. She visits from time to time. 

Arbodehien, (spirit person) not from Earth Realm, but old friend and lover from before, visits from time to time.

Kosima/Sylvia, (spirit person), friend and lover from before, integral part of the Chronicles of Han and mostly with me when I write. 

Kaleb, (spirit person), comes and goes and dictating one of the Chronicles of Han Books. He is my son from Leilaka's time.

Connor, (spirit person), Connor aborted at 8 weeks old. He stayed with me as he is also part of my previous soul history, he is a wise guide in this lifetime and I'm so grateful to have him here still.

And Lastly but not least; the one who creates the most havoc in my life, MOIRA, my Huracan. (Dragon energy spirit). Temperamental, I always have to see if it is my emotions or hers who are upset with life or "sommernet bedonderd". 

There are many others always coming and going, some for clients, some for the books, some giving advice for issues or situations. Life is filled with life in between the living. 

This is the reason I allow my husband to enter buildings or crowded spaces in front of me, so I can hide in his strong aura and not be overwhelmed by seeing what I do when I did not manage to close myself properly. 

I live in a fun(ny)-filled world, despite experiencing the sadness too. My guides show me how ridiculous living actually is when you are spirit and see the living struggle.
People in spirit quickly forget the trials and tribulations of daily toil. 
Still I love all of them and do not know any other way to be in any case.

26 June 2018

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