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A life in Progress - Chronicles of Han Storm by H Gibson

 Email received from my Alpha-Reader 

A LIFE in Progress 

The Chronicles of Han is indeed, a work in progress - a LIFE in progress! 

To be honest with you, Beloved, I recognized your 'difference' from the second we met for the first time at AJM's house (way back in 2009, I think it was?) - you not only looked different, you also felt different! 

But of course, at that stage (when we first met in this life-time) I had no idea of who you actually are!

And I'm still awed at what I 'know' about you now!! But having read something about you, I guess I could say that my own awakening is also a 'work-in-progress' ... !Ai tog re-reading all the different books in draft has, once again, left me speechless - once again!

I had hoped (after reading it yesterday) that by putting it aside, sleeping over it and giving it time to brew, I might have a light-bulb moment - but (like ESKOM) the power is off!

I am in the dark as to what to say ... ? 

All I see is this Light which shines ever brighter as time goes by!

You are 'in-progress' all the time - and my sense is that by this time next year you will have 'progressed' even further - there is really nothing more I can say or add here - we, your fans, really have no idea what is going on inside of you - but as we read about you our own lives are in-progress as well.



25 June 2018

Comment from Author: "Some days we need reminders of why we are here. My books would never have seen the light if it was not for a dedicated team of Alpha Readers, Editor and Beta Readers. I'm so grateful to have all these amazing people in my life."


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