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H Gibson - Author of The Chronicles of Han - NDEr and 3rd degree Burns Survivor

#ChroniclesofHan #NDE #Burns This is supposed to be a funny meme, and it would be if it was not that the special effects were so accurate. Readers and clients always want to know how bad my burns were. JUST LIKE THIS - just the whole face and neck, both arms and both legs. 

My body died, I had a confirmed Near Death Experience, visited other worlds, had a Life Review and was sent back to the crisp when the the doctors finally managed to revive it. 

The cheek is how my left hand, wrist and forearm looked. The forehead, nose, neck and chin - that's me. Tip of my nose gone. Tip of ear gone. 

I returned and healed, proving miracles can happen; assisted thousands of other people to heal too and I'm not sure how many readers' lives had been changed due to reading my past life books for books tend to find other homes and to be shared around.

Thus next time you look at someone, be aware that you might never know where they had come from, what they had lived through and what battles they are still fighting each day.

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Originally Blogged 20 June 2018

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