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Background: I just found my Jade. Not sure how she would react to me coming out and telling her who she was, to me, in Lives lived Past, I gave her the first parts of the book to read, just as an introduction, to see what happens . . .

2.    Exclusive interview with a likeminded friend . . . a safe start at exploring what I have started!

Thu 11 Nov 2010, 17:02

Annatjie Coetsee - Hermanus, South Africa

4 April 2010 via SMS:

This is an amazing story. I could not stop reading and have 1000's of questions. Excellent! I definitely want the rest. Love. A


6 April 2010 20h30 telephone call:


I could not put it down. Please explain to me why you chose to come to this plane of existence when you know what you can do, what you had done before. Why would such a psychic contemplate to come back to this world?

Reply Author:

I have work to do here. I have energies to hold, I have energies to shift, and in-between I have to live a normal life. I prefer not to allow all my functions to be shown on this Earth-plane, but I can awaken people to the possibilities of their lives. I am here to bring into lives whatever is needed.


How can you write this book, how do you remember all of this?

Reply Author:

For the people, the answer is simply 'channelling'. For my inner circle, it is my own, private, and personal memories. When I concentrate, I can pick memories from whichever lifetime I want to.


Via SMS 13/04/2010 08h30


I am SPEECHLESS! But what do u think will happen to this book? What is the plan/idea/intent? I am vibrating so fast that I do not know what to do with myself.

Reply from Author via SMS:

As far as I see, it is there to help introduce/remind people of the possibilities of energy within a safe 'story'. None of the content is 'new'. A lot is known. The context of use might just become confirmation to many. Glad u enjoyed. Luv. H

Reply from Annatjie via SMS:

Ok. Make sense. Its hidden in a 'story', science fiction like the Matrix. Well done. BLESSINGS and thanx a mil 4 yesterday's visit.


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