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1.      Past Life Memories Revealed

Wed 10 Nov 2010, 11:37   

Hi to all. Thanks to everyone that has thus far downloaded the book from The 100th download was done this morning, so please, any comments anyone???

This is my first book that I have written, having been nagged by my husband to please get my butt into gear and stop saying that I would one day like to write a book about what I KNOW.

To make it easier for everyone I wrote the book as a "science fiction novel", having met with a lot of resistance from all sides regarding my past life experiences. Hopefully the knowledge and information in the book will resonate in a few people out there.

I regularly visit with like minded people at markets in the area and have met up with two psychics that have confirmed my past lives and encouraged me to persist in this path.

Soooo, dear world, this is not the first and last book, but I have already written the outlines to the next six books.


Reblogged 6.05.2018 As this seems to be coming up more regularly, I have thought it good to reblog some of the blog posts that had originally been destroyed. This was the very first official blog post back in 2010.

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