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Visit to El Pilar, Mayan City. 2 May 2018

From all the Mayan Ruins in the area I truly wished to visit El Pilar.

One morning we woke and I just knew I needed to go, today, before the roads deteriorated further by rain.

I was warned by Rosario Panti and other local guides that the road is bad and one should phone ahead and find out if it was accessible. A helpful hint is not to go in the rainy season.

El Pilar is sometimes shown as being excavated on Google, in truth, do not be disappointed to find only a small section opened up. The rest of the buildings are left undisturbed at this stage, so if you wish to experience a 'discovery' of still undisturbed exploration, El Pilar will be the first place to visit. It is quiet, a quick walk through of about two to two and a half hours and ideal for meditation and just taking the area in.

Clear, easy to follow maps make it a pleasant experience.

As to the photographs taken, my household knew that when I needed to go somewhere, 'things' always happen in the background. The broader their mother's smile, the more 'things' are happening and the more uncomfortable they get.

Indeed, so many things happened at the small section we visited. Metaphysical 'things' that I could really not stop smiling as a human being. These are the things that happen when a person operates between worlds, the hidden energetic happenings that make up the rest of life most people are not even aware of.

Many years ago, my Soul-Spirit used to frequent these areas. Even today the Guardians and some of the Spirits I used to know are still around these areas. To physically meet up with them was such an honour and so special for me no matter what emotions it elicited within me.

To walk old haunts and see how everything had become while seeing on a visionary level how everything used to be is just beyond words! I did not expect this to happen. I did not expect anything to happen at all, just that I felt this was where I needed to be, for whatever reason.

We explored, took in the sight, sounds and smells. This magickal experience no-one can ever take from us, as magick it was indeed. Yet time is too short and soon we had to return to our usual affairs.

Treading those 'hallowed hallways' was fun, exciting, adventure, and light, yet deep down, seeing in vision all that had been, long ago, you hear and see and swallow bitter tears. I cried when we got home and I had an alone moment, just cry for the beauty of it all, for the opportunity to be here, for staying in this wonderful place, for being still in the flesh on this Earth.

And while I shed silent tears for times gone by, old friends found but no friendships rekindled, seeing that nothing is permanent but all transient, it reminds me of so many places I've left and returned to years later, to find either nothing, or ruins.

Thus, for now the connection has been made. We will have to see where things go to from here and what will happen next. What this new path will entail.

Han Gibson

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