The Chronicles of Han Storm

 Published: 15 January 2014

Dan Brown Wilbur Smith Chronicles of Han Storm 

Chronicles of Han Storm becoming a Classic

Displayed proudly between Dan Brown and Wilber Smith, the Chronicles of Han Storm seems to becoming a Classic?

Most of The Han Storm Book Club Members confirmed that they have re-read The Chronicles of Han books several times.


Email received from Bhakta-Anjana on 17 September 2013

" have called me again!

Whenever you wave to me from my bookshelf, I know I need to read your 'story' again!

So, once again, I am immersed in the Journey of your Servant Soul filled with Spiritual Adventures.

And, as before, I am enthralled and captivated.....

....I also find so much that I'd missed before....and this tells me that no matter how often I read The Chronicles of Han, each read reveals something new and exciting.

Your 'story' is as fresh as the freshest fruit picked off the tree at that very will never fade or become stale, no matter how often you are 'read' !! "


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