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H Gibson with Belize Shaman Rosario Panti - 20180420 - San Jose Succotz Shaman H'men Rosario Panti Vasquez with H Gibson 20 April 2018

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The Han Storm Saga Continues

When some readers asked why I was preparing to visit a little known Central American country, I replied that it was all part of the Han Storm Chronicles. In the jungles of British Honduras (Belize), near Guatemala, Honduras and parts of Mexico, there are histories that connect with Han Storm from Creata. These histories needed to be confirmed for myself and this is part of the adventure of H Gibson in this incarnation.

This little bit of H Gibson's life will be added to one of the last Chronicles of Han books at a later date to be preserved as part of the Chronicles of Han.

How did the visit between H Gibson and one of the most revered Shamans in Belize came about?

Definitely not by magick or intent, but initially with resistance and eventually synchronicity.

In 2012 I was visited in a dream/vision by an old Shaman man who told me that I should go see the Daughter of Panti. I saw then what I needed to do in this Central American country but I did not wish to believe, nor leave my family behind, thus said no, I will not go without my family.

At that stage I really did not have time to look into this, but later, when the visit to Belize became imminent, I had another look at this vision. 

The only daughter of Panti I originally found was in a short article on Rosario Panti. Later on I learnt that Don Elijio Panti's one niece also studied under him, as well as an American originated Doctor who he also referred to as his 'daughter'. 

With writing the Chronicles of Han books, I had been investigating some of the individuals who used to work with Han Storm, finding some of them incarnated to Earth as well as managing to confirm their identities as true. Those with whom I had connected also remember the Creata and Leilaka adventures, confirming steadfastly that these stories are the true life experiences of Han.

In Belize was incarnated and living such an old acquaintance, yet I did not wish to make contact too soon and create expectations within myself before I knew a meeting would definitely come to pass. 

When we finally arrived in Belize I had no idea how to make contact with Rosario or when the opportunity would present itself for us to meet. I had been advised by another contact as to the approximate addresses of the two ladies I wished to see.

While visiting the Stann Creek district, the opportunity to meet up with Aurora Saqui, Don Elijo's niece, did not materialize. Intensely disappointed at not being able to make contact with Aurora, I asked then what the Universe had in mind for me.

Now, if you do not know Telepathy, and are not familiar with the connections and how it is made and feel, the following retelling might seem strange for this place called Earth, yet in my life as Han, this is not unfamiliar. Readers of The Chronicles of Han will also be familiar with what I experience.

Rosario made contact Telepathically, stating who she was and that she was aware that I was looking for her. Within minutes I found her website and after an email to Rosaio's website administrator, the kind introduction through our go-between from her Canadian friend, Rosario phoned me and we made the arrangement to connect in physical form.  

By synchronicity a friend of a friend staying in the San Ignacio area invited us to come and visit for a while.

With Rosario currently in San Jose, a small distance from San Ignacio, final arrangements were made and Rosario and I met 20th April 2018.

We went to meet her at the ferry on the way to the Mayan Pyramid. Again she Telepathically called me, telling me that she was waiting for me and I found her effortlessly, so glad to see my fiend again. After a hug and some introductions as to who we were 'now', she invited us to her humble home not far away.

So much happens at these meetings that the physical consciousness does not always have the chance to process information immediately.

After talking about both our histories in this lifetime, and comparing notes on healing procedures and how we channel the energy to do so, Rosario did the 'normal' thing of checking the energy balance in my body, determining that my body is quite depleted and I should rest and heal myself (one of the reasons for coming to Belize). 

Then she allowed me to hold her talismans where I received the Mayan information as confirmation of what I am already aware of, and simultaneously through me, I shared sacred information to the stones and crystals for her use (like an upload). She will also now know what I am aware of when using her talismans. (Read The Chronicles of Han to know more about working with Talismans and exchange of energy information.) 

I am regretful that I do not consciously know the Mayan language and the names they use for the same entities I know under other names. It made interpretation in language a bit challenging as Rosario translates from Mayan to Spanish to English. And I translate from Universal to Creatan to English. Totally funny while in physical form, so a lot of "Show, not tell" was included Telepathically, as well as some reverting to the ancient Gaoucomian that was chucked in from time to time which surprised both of us.

She invited me to join her in preserving the Mayan medicine way, but that is a lifelong commitment to a journey I can not take, no matter how much my heart yearns to settle down and have peace. With my death I had had specific instructions and am committed to continue on my path. By doing what I have to, ALL knowledge of Earth will be preserved for future generations. This is one of the things I wished confirmed and while talking with her, it was.

One more task had now been completed. 

Seeing the daughter of Panti, completed the passing along of the missing Cosmic information of the Heavens and Beyond into the Mayan people. She will find it all at her fingertips, in her Sastun (Sacred talisman). 

I also confirmed who she used to be, to me, in a life lived past. She knows, and remembers but does not currently seem to wish to continue the association because I will not be returning to Earth when I leave here. 

Still, as an old friend, she cleared the pain out of my heart, as she always used to do. 

She cautioned me that the far past is in the past and should stay in the past. 

The stories can be told and my spirit healed by it, but it should not actively influence the now, the current lifetime. I understand this. I also know that I needed to know all of the far past to understand and assist the current. 

What I saw Telepathically from her is that Earth needs more healing and I should do it as I used to do it in the past as Han Storm. This is interesting. Stay in my current incarnation, yet follow the path of my past. Fascinating.

Lots of other discussions and subjects were covered, but that is all private that I might decide to disclose in the last Han Storm book. Only time will tell for what happens between healers, usually stays between healers.

I am truly grateful for this meeting and thank everyone involved in it coming to pass.

Han Gibson


 Note: 14.12.2019
"As an author, healer and herbalist, having met with one of Don Panti's students, the Shaman Rosario Panti, it seemed like destiny or fate to walk back into my apartment and on the shelf lay "Sastun" as if left just for me to find and experience some of Don Panti's life."

Since that moment I truly wished to meet Dr Rosita Arvigo. On 14.12.2019 this wish came true. 

00 Arvigo with H Gibson authors

A dream come true on 13 December 2019. I'm ecstatic to finally have been able to meet Dr Rosita Arvigo from the Arvigo Institute. Rosita Arvigo was a devoted student of Don Elijio Panti. I was privileged to meet Rosario Panti last year. These are wonderful people preserving the knowledge of Belizean medicinal plants. A list of Dr Arvigo's most loved books can be found on Goodreads




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