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33.  The concept of Yoga

Tue 4 Jan 2011, 05:45 (From Behind the Scenes Blogs)

I have been asked to explain this phenomenal concept.

The following information is a good guide for non-practitioners of Yoga as well. As Yoga is a training process, most of us follow these natural steps to enlightenment and our way home, in any case. Have a good read through and see where you still need to work on yourself.

Yoga is not just a good form of exercise (mostly in the Western world). It is a way of Life. Just as Buddhism (not the religion), Karate, Kung Fu, Tai Chi, etc. are actually all ways of life and not just measures of self-defence, physical exercise or spiritual enlightenment.

Hatha Yoga (Kundalini Yoga), works on the base Chakra (Energy Point) and is for stabilizing and grounding the body. It is the original form of training the body to submit to the demands of the spirit. Ha, or Prana, is the Life-force or Source Energy that connects everything in the Universe (also likened to the Holy Spirit in the Christ/Krishna-consciousness). (T-)ha or Apana, is the Power of Creation this energy carries within it. Prana activates the body at one end and the mind at the other. It is used for healing within the body and on a Global or Universal scale, depending on how the user wields it. When activated for the use of the individual, Prana comes together at the Solar Plexus to be channelled through all the chakras to ensure good health and peace of mind. The awakened Life Force activates and vitalizes all the other chakras or energy points within the human body.

Tantra Yoga, works on the second major Chakra and is used for Transformation, shaping and purifying the body and spirit. This involves higher studies within the higher realms, including downloads of information. This is where one becomes aware, and sees, the play between female and male energies which brings forth into the physical world a never-ending dance of creation. Union with this Cosmic sexuality opens our senses, refining and heightening sexual experience and helps us to accept physical life.

Karma Yoga, working on the third major Chakra, opens our psyche and connects us spiritually, within worshipfulness, to the Creator. Here we learn to do our duty, not feeling as if it is duty any longer, but Divine Will that is bringing our actions into harmony with the natural Cosmic Energy of Creation. Within our activity we never lose sight of the Cosmic Divine Ground, doing our duty without attachment, egoism or selfish desire. Within these meditations we start to desire to know ourselves. Our souls identify with the Creator and can be actively recognised by others due to the humble surrender of selfish interest and by a total freedom from fear, lust, anger, anxiety, tension and spiritual weakness. We recognize that the Creator, and the Creator alone, truly exists. Everything is part of the Creator, including ourselves.

Bhakti Yoga works on the fourth major Chakra, training the emotions, purifying the spirit and the soul and starts things flowing in the correct direction - back home. Here the emotions are trained so that Love, which is The Creator, once again identifies itself. Cosmic consciousness, which is the Consciousness of Cosmic Being, Cosmic Existence or Oneness, expresses itself as pure Love. In Cosmic terms, Love is not two becoming one, but one soul-spirit regaining wholeness. Within this Yoga you are trained to Love ALL and not the many. You learn to bring the Cosmic Love of the Creator for Its creations down into your daily vibrations. This deepens and intensifies your feelings towards the Creator. Your feelings will relate everything to the Creator, perceive the Creator within all things and you will be transfigured in your love for the Creator.

Raja (Royal) or Mantra Yoga, works on the fifth Chakra and trains a person within relationships, communication and transmitting vibrations. This Yoga is Transcendental Meditation. Here training is given to reach a superconscious state where the realisation of the soul’s eternal independence is possible. The veil is lifted, the soul-spirit is turned away from evil and the physical is allowed to truly live. Now the practice of opposites commence, turning all negative vibrations to positive outcomes within the newfound virtue of the soul-spirit. Concentration, meditation and superconscious vision flow smoothly into one another and are three phases of one event. The training process is complete when in the state of superconscious vision your soul realises its eternal independence and unaffectedness by matter. Here no-one goes further without the consent and assistance of the Gate-keepers. When you have entered into the state of Transcendental Meditation, you will become liberated from self-imposed bondage, no longer wishing to lead a life of isolation, to be spared the luxury of not taking part in the world's activities. You will joyously play your part in the world-drama, without becoming attached to anything, nor desiring any worldly thing.

Jnana or Yantra Yoga works on the sixth Chakra and is The Path of Wisdom or Self-realization. It is the seeking and attainment of true Wisdom. If you do not base your deeds and devotion on wisdom, it becomes simply work or motions. It is as such, a waste of time and effort.

            How does one attain wisdom?

Indirect wisdom can be attained through knowledge by acquaintance (other people). Books and teachers are of essential and indispensable value but can only lead you so far and no further. You take in all the information from these external factors, wait a while, ponder upon it, bring everything together within yourself. Some of it you will discard as not working for you, other information you will keep within yourself. Now it has become Direct Wisdom. Direct Wisdom is knowledge by identity - you can identify with it. You understand it on a soul-spirit level. It makes sense, even if only on a subconscious level within this realm.

Truths about Enlightenment

$16        Apart from the Teacher-Seeker co-operation, it is ultimately the Lord/God/(Over)Self who bestows Enlightenment on the Seeker.

$16        “Even the desire to realize the Self arises in a man only on account of the Grace of God”

$16        It is the Supreme Being alone that enables the Seeker to cross the ocean of ignorance.

$16        “Rama, when I am body-conscious I am your servant; when I am conscious of my identity as an individual soul, I am part of you; but when I loose these and realise I am the Self, I am You” – Hanuman

$16        Wisdom lies in combining all the yogic practices in order that there can be integral perfection and divinisation of the entire being.

$16        The good man goes to heaven and returns, but one who has realised the significance of the great Truth (that thou art – you are not the body, mind and senses, but the Immortal Infinite Absolute Being) is liberated here and now.



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