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24 April 2017


A reader wished to know where the next Creata book was. This is the email that resulted that I am sharing publicly as well.

Negotiating Limïer (Creata Book 4) is the next book, written and in editing stage, thus unfortunately not yet released.
I just completed Engaging Chlophilia (Creata Book 5) as well, so 2 more books on their way.

Your only option is to either wait it out (editing 700+ pages x 2 is a lot of work) or start with Leilaka which is the lifetime lived after Creata.
Leilaka chapters 1-4 currently available on the website under Leilaka Blogs.

Leilaka is Book 1 in the Leilaka Adventure and Saving Leilaka is Book 2, completing this lifetime of 40 years.
Recounting Leilaka is Book 3 (still in draft and told by Han's son, Kaleb, depicting some snippets of what happened over a period of 30 years skipped in Leilaka and Saving Leilaka).
Return to Leilaka is Book 4 of the Leilaka adventures (also in draft still) and is where Han returns (walk-in*, not reincarnate**) to Leilaka 1000 years later.

The Jade Saga will become an extra book and is basically my diary of how everything fits together, as well as how Jade had been an influencing factor throughout my lives, our meet-up in this lifetime, rekindling the friendship and her passing over. Those who knew her refer to her as AJM (Annatjie/Jade/Mithrya).

Thus a load of work still to be done.

REASON FOR WRITING IT THIS WAY: When I finished Taming Encha, I was devastated. Thus I looked ahead, to the next set of books, starting there in the innocence of the first few chapters of where I lost my memory in the transition between worlds. Slowly things started making sense, what had happened on Creata, as well as some of the whys were shown to me on Leilaka. Thus I kept at it, completing the two Leilaka books while also adding to the Creata books as things came up.
When Saving Leilaka went into editing two years ago (yes, it took that long as the information in these books are 'new' and need intense scrutiny - poor editor had a hard time adjusting to new vibrations), I immersed myself in Limier and Chlophilia.
What I can say is that I was only ready to face those adventures again after writing the two Leilaka books.
Limier and Chlophilia are intense scrutiny of the Self, and somewhere along the line, I saw how the preparations were weaved into every action I had to take on Creata to be prepared for what needed to be done on Leilaka. Now I can see it. The little things that went on, but others would not.

These books are as much a learning curve for me as it is for the readers.
The readers following closely, waiting patiently for the books and reading them in the order they have been written will always have the advantage over those who come later, reading the books in chronological order as they might miss the little things that went into the books to connect all the dots.

All I can add is that I am glad to be able to share at least a bit of my adventures with others.

While placing the Leilaka chapters as free reads I was thinking to myself that I've come a really long way as a writer as well. Grown up and every subsequent book reads easier and more fluent.

Please bear in mind that the vibrations between Creata and Leilaka are extremely different. Creata is military, short, choppy. The language as well.

Leilaka is softer, more poetic. The vibrations of the Universes are different.

But you will see and experience. Fall in love with Krish (Han) Dameous, the body he took over in that lifetime. Get to know Moira (the dragon) it is complicated as Han wanted to keep the reminder to his daughter and it led to all sorts of trouble. Meet Merrykara, his new wife (who looks a lot like Moira from Han Storm's time).

Hectic, exciting and fascinating.

Happy reading


Copyright © 2017 H Gibson Chronicles of Han

*walk-in: when you take over someone else's body, they usually give up/sacrifice their body for a Soul-Spirit who needs it to accomplish great deeds in a physical environment

**reincarnate: start a new physical life cycle in the normal method, i.e., being born, having to grow the body into adulthood

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