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Celebrating Women's Day, Celebrating H Gibson!


Your books are indeed 'emotional' books! 
As you write what you experienced in that particular life-time in the past, you relive these emotional happenings intensely in the present, and as you write and feel, you transfer these emotions into your books. We, the readers, then pick up on these emotions, we feel them, and then cry along with you. It cannot be helped ... it just happens to be so!
I can certainly say this happens to and with me... I feel these emotions deeply... !

I am sure others do as well.

Oh, my Darling, how can we ever pretend or believe that you are a normal human being? You painfully birth each and every one of your retellings, and you subtly change the reader, and yet we are unaware of this, almost as though we are in a deep sleep! You do it, because you cannot help doing it. It's painful, almost unbearable, and yet there is this driving force, presence, that's driving you ... it's something you HAVE to do! 

Han Storm was the same .. he went out and opened up all those planets for the humans on Creata! He couldn't help himself, and yet he knew it was slowly 'killing' him, he knew he was changing beyond recognition, he was sick and 'died' and changed and was uncomfortable most of the time ...
... and yet HE DID IT REGARDLESS! 
As you do ... regardless!  It is what you do ... it is what you are ... an amazing Being!
Now that's something to celebrate ... you are unique and amazing!
And because of YOU and my own past, am healing.        
Words fail me ... !   

Keep on writing from the heart... because heart-matters are all that matter in this world ... we 'normal' humans so forget that!
Love you dearly!


Published with permission, Emailed received 09.08.2016


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