The Chronicles of Han Storm

Life, love and passion only get better with a dash of Rejuvinit Beauty Oil!
Oh, goodness, I LOVE the stuff.

Rejuvinit Beauty Oil Love 1

25 March 2014

In guarded tones - or not
            - an ode to Rejuvinit
Rekindling dwindling fires
Erased in living life
Sincere infatuation
For long lost love revised
So many reasons to abscond
The fun and games
Of birds and bees
Then see the seasons go beyond
From youth to grown in autumn spree
Time moves forward, seasons turn
Still no pleasure
For counterfeit flesh aburn
Then Heaven sent
Rejuvinit penetrate to anoint
Not just skin but spirit also mend
Invoking passion and covetous point
Lo and behold a mended pair
Reunion rejoice in timeous share
Regret this discovery delayed
But now who cares - a perfect played!
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