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 2016 Rejuvinit Beauty Oil third degree burn scarring

A Writer's Hands

Originally shared March 18, 2013

After sustaining third degree burns to 35% of my body, I never thought I would be able to regain the use of my hands, never mind ever having beautiful nails!

The doctors initially wanted to amputate three fingers on my left hand but I told them that I wished to keep the hand intact. I was informed that physical therapy might save some functionality.

Healing after such an ordeal is not fun and takes dedication, total commitment and stubborn will-power. The end result, although only achieved years later, is definitely worth all the suffering, discomfort and every tear spilt in exasperated frustration.

With the immense love and patient assistance from my husband, and eventually the use of Axhilirit and Rejuvinit, there is no scarring or skin discoloration left in my face and people do not notice the light discoloration on my hands any longer (unless I point it out).

The artificial lighting in the photograph highlights the remnants of a keloid scar that used to be 5mm thick. It is now level with the rest of my skin and only shows ‘white’ like this when the skin cells separate to be shed.

And look at that nails!

I have never had such beautiful nails, not ever!

It has been nine years since the accident and the incident sometimes just feels like a bad dream.

In a quiet moment, I would just stare at my hands, reflecting that the body (with some help of course) is a miracle invention that can heal itself if allowed.

H Gibson

Author, Chronicles of Han Storm


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