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1 - Rejuvinit Beauty Oil for PMS Painful periods Heavy bleeding Menorrhagia

Rejuvinit for Hormonal Fluctuations, PMS, heavy and painful periods

I've been asked how effective Rejuvinit Beauty Oil is regarding menstrual discomfort. When my husband developed Rejuvinit for me to heal the third degree burn scarring in my face and on my hands, we never realized that this combination would change my 'woman life' forever. I have suffered with PCOS, menorrhagia and PMS all my life. Since using Rejuvinit every day, these symptoms are non-existent.
I simply massage two drops per day over the tummy area (where the trouble is). DO NOT SKIP a day as natural substances only stay in the body for 8-16 hours. 20ml contains about 500 drops of oil and one drop of oil covers about 10x10cm of skin, making this an economical choice. It saves on sanitary products and pain medication as well. For myself, I refuse to go anywhere without a bottle of Rejuvinit in my handbag!
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