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Rejuvinit Gold UK SCAM

Beware Imitations for Rejuvinit GOLD

People beware – if something is scarce and really works miracles – SCAMS will ensue.
After Rejuvinit Gold attended a show in the UK in 2015 where samples were lapped up with great enthusiasm, we have been inundated with complaints about our product being advertised in the UK, but when the clients try to find it they only reach a page on “Health Info MD” about another product being advertised (with a similar story to ours briefly mentioned).
"Rejuvinit GOLD is currently only available from South Africa. All advertising includes our telephone number +27 72 588 9090 or 072 588 9090." NOTE: As of 1 Jan 2019 we have moved from South Africa and are manufacturing in the Caribbean under the company of Facets (Pvt) Ltd. New details +501 633 4284  
If you search for Rejuvinit Gold and do not land on pages referring to the following websites (website no longer active)
you have probably reached a SCAM site.
Please verify with us if you are unsure. We do have some other sellers advertising Rejuvinit and Axhilirit on their own websites.
The and websites are currently being revamped and will only be available once completed.
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