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 1 - Rejuvinit Beauty Oil Adult Acne and Acne Pitted Scarring

A Brilliant Acne and Hormonal Treatment


Rejuvinit Beauty Oil is truly a versatile and amazing product. Originally developed to treat my burn scarring, it turned out to have many other hidden properties, including sorting out my mood swings, adult acne, menstrual and PMS problems.

Recommended to clients for their difficult teenagers, we went through the drill with our children, eventually getting them into the routine of applying the oil regularly to avoid pimples and to assist in managing the raging hormones and difficult ‘monthly issues’. Now they are happy teenagers transitioning into adulthood with clear skin, minimum discomfort over ‘that time’ and mostly stable in the hormonal department.

When they show signs of reverting back to grumpy, we remind them to apply some more Rejuvinit Oil. Ten minutes flat, and I am pampered with a cup of coffee and a hug.

I can definitely live this way.


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Originally blogged: 23 August 2014 (re-blogged from Rejuvinit Beauty Blog due to technical difficulties)

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