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Extract from The Chronicles of Han Storm: Short Stories: Guiding Them Home


The Comfort of Religion


       The day my mother and father went for a walk together, I knew something was terribly wrong. I suspected something for years anyway, as my mother did not want to live anymore. She was always telling me how miserable she was and that she felt that there was no alternative for her to get out of her circumstances except to die.

       So it was not a great shock to hear that she had cancer. Oh, she fought it, but I knew from the beginning that she was going to die anyway. 

       My mother suffered for a very long time with breast cancer that had already spread to the heart and lungs.

       Suddenly, I became a very important part of her life, having to sit with her through nights of discussions when she could not sleep, educating her on the After Life and what she can expect to happen when she passes over.

       I was the one she called to cut off her hair when it fell out in clumps due to the chemo. I was the one she asked to hide her cigarettes so that the rest of the family would never know that she just could not give them up.

       They were so proud of her that she stopped smoking immediately after being diagnosed. Little did they know that I tossed the last packet out after her funeral.

       It was at one of our nightly discussions that I asked her what she wanted to do in this lifetime and she replied that she actually wanted to become a Missionary for her Religion.

       I wanted to know why she did not pursue her dream and she informed me that 'life happened', my father came into her life, she fell in love, got married, had children, did the normal human thing and by the time she realized that she had not followed her path, it was too late.

       I asked her if she was going to come back and try again and she informed me that she would want that very much but had one condition. She wanted to incarnate into a Religious family, preferably the same religion she had been practising in this lifetime.

       She really wanted the comfort of Religion in her next life, as the reality of my own, conscious-awareness life I had described to her, seemed just too hard to walk, too lonely without the comfort of a Messiah that takes care of your needs. My way simply had too much responsibility for one person to bear. No, Religion was how she wanted her next life to be. 

       When my mother was on her deathbed, she asked her Priest if he could guide her as to what she might find on the Other Side. He was vague, stating that no-one is quite sure, just that she would be looked after in this world and the next.

       I could not fathom that a Priest did not know where to go when you die, but would later understand that normal people had to walk in faith, where I just always had absolute surety and the close connection to my Creator to go visit whenever and wherever I wanted to.

       It was finally time and my mother became calm as her Guardian and Angel came to stand by her side.

       I held her hand and walked her over to the Other Side.

       The Hospice nurse touched my shoulder, bringing me back, telling me that it was over and that she had passed on, as if I did not know.

       Afterwards, my family members insisted that I was not at her deathbed when she died.

       Years later she incarnated into a Religious family as the child of a Priest. Hopefully she will follow her Path this time around.


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