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Chronicles of Han Storm - Stuck between worlds - Harry 

Extract from The Chronicles of Han Storm: Short Stories: Guiding Them Home


Stuck Between Worlds


       Harry came to see me soon after passing over.

       He was a wonderful person in his life. Disturbed, yet totally non-judgemental and unconditionally accepting of everyone around him. He had a normal life for the first 18 years of his life, until his brain started 'frizzling out' as he explained it to me.

       The chemicals in his brain did not allow him to make the correct connections and he was diagnosed with a string of complicated words including OCD, and a few other things not worth mentioning.

       He was also a 'cutter', feeling better in himself when he had a good bout of self-mutilation behind him. The doctors had always told his mother that he would one day not make it through such a session. And this was his issue he had come to see me about.

       He wanted me to tell his mother that he did not kill himself. That it was really, truly a stupid accident that had led to his death. He had not looked before crossing the road. He was not even aware when the truck hit his body.

       One minute he was happily walking home, feeling good for the first time in weeks. The next he was drifting above the accident scene, aware of his crumpled body beneath him and two huge angels hovering next to him.

       It was explained to him that his body had perished and that he was free to return home at any time he felt like it.

       All he could think about was what his mother was going to do. He decided to stay with his body which was subsequently taken to the morgue.

       His mother eventually found him in the morgue and he went home with her (in spirit form), trying to console her for she was sure that he had killed himself by walking in front of the truck.

       Of course she was unaware of him and he hanged around her, seeing her sadness and her self-blame. He was there when they cremated his body. He saw me at the wake, knowing that I could see him and realized that I was the only one that could help him.

       I promised him that I would talk to his mother and try and convince her that he did not kill himself.

       I went to see his mother who knew about my special gifts. She did not find it disturbing that I was talking to her on behalf of her passed-over son. I explained to her what had actually happened, as Harry had told me.

       She nodded her head sadly, stating that she did 'feel' him around. She also noticed that he was angry with her. His small ceramic angels that adorned her walls would fall off for no reason when she was crying or being angry with him for leaving her alone in this world.

       I asked her if she could accept the fact that he did not die by his own hand.

       She stated that she cannot accept that he is gone in the first place, and secondly that she will not accept that he did not kill himself. She had prepared for finding him in a pool of his own blood, not in the morgue due to being run over by a truck. She did not want to accept what I had informed her about.


       Harry came to see me again, stating that his mother was not doing well and, if I could not convince her, if there was anything he could do to show her that he was still around, other than breaking his gifts he had given her in life.

       I explained to him that the only way she might believe him is for him to materialize for her and tell her himself. This is not easy for Spirits to do, but it can be done. After careful tutoring, he decided that he was ready and left.

       It was not long after that I received a phone-call from his mother. She just wanted me to know that Harry had come to see her, telling her that his death was truly an accident and that he wished her not to be so sad and to forgive him.

       She now knew the truth and could let her heartache go. She could release Harry to go to Heaven where he belonged.


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