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Extract from The Chronicles of Han Storm: Short Stories: Guiding them home



Beating Death




       I watched the young mother where she was lying on her death-bed, readying herself to leave this life.



       I was here on request from a friend, to educate and hopefully be able to train this individual in the art of Astral Travel, or conscious out of body experiences.


       "Tell me what you experience when you leave your body, when you travel around as I have heard told of?" she wanted to know from me.


       "Why do you wish to know this? Why do you want to be trained in this experience? What purpose will this serve?" I asked.


       "If I can Astral Travel, I would have beaten Death, KNOWING that there is life beyond death and the Soul-Spirit is eternal. I would be able to give up this body and move on to different experiences without regret."


       She watched me expectantly.


       "You had been for Regression" I wanted to confirm.



       "Yes. What I had experienced in the hypnotherapy session was an unsatisfactory life where I was a woman without ambition or drive. I had no reason to work for I was provided for handsomely by my family and husband. It felt as if I just existed.



       And now I am feeling the same feeling as in that session. I have no reason to live. There is no challenge in my life at all.

       Still, I fear Death, even though I believe that there is life after Death."


       We started with her education. I explained that I could only speak from my own experience and told her what she could expect when leaving her body in a conscious manner. How it felt to be separated from the flesh, feeling yourself dangling at the end of your particle cord as if your spirit is a huge balloon. Seeing your body lying on the bed.


       In most regards, this would freak people out, if they did not know what it was all about.



       She wanted to know how you go about after leaving your body, where can you go in spirit form, what can you do while separated from your body on this conscious level.



       I informed her that one could go visit places. One could not experience as in the flesh, but at least one could fit in many scenes in a night. For her purposes, it would be to make sure that she could leave her body and that the Soul-Spirit was truly immortal, while the body was not.  


       She asked me to describe what she could experience.


       I told her that after leaving your body consciously, seeing it underneath you, your first hurdle would be to exit the room. For a first time traveller all would still seem solid and three dimensional. It really was not and one can pass through perceived 'solid' when in spirit form. You merely close your eyes and exit or walk through the 'object'.



       Once outside, you can fly without wings, visit familiar landmarks, go to places you had not had the courage to go to while incarcerated in the flesh. Swim with the Dolphins or play under the sea. Many people do remember their Astral travels, even if they are not aware of leaving their bodies in a conscious fashion.


       "How do you get back in your body" she wanted to know.


       "By allowing your particle cord to pull you home. When you become aware of your body, you turn your spirit to align before allowing yourself to be 'sucked' back into the flesh." A quite nasty experience for most people and the worst for me when returning back to a body.



       "And the falling sensation one sometimes encounter?" she asked.


       "That is when you were shocked, either by realizing that you have really left your body or something disturbed you and your particle cord had pulled you back in a flash, resulting in a 'bump' and most of the time a heck of a headache due to the misalignment of the Spirit in the body."


       "Then most people Astral in any case without them knowing it?" she wanted to confirm.


       "Of course. It just takes a bit of conscious training for people to start remembering their experiences."


       She seemed content with this explanation.


       Two weeks later she had moved on into the spirit world, her cancer riddled body discarded as the biological suit it had been for a little while.



       She had beaten Death, proving to herself that life continued on other levels of existence.




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Astral Travelling is covered in detail in Chronicles of Han Storm, Book 2, Reclaiming of Duback. For more info visit

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