The Chronicles of Han Storm

SitaRama by Vasudeva Krishna 

A Lost Beloved

Rama shared his anguish when Sita was missing: “One’s suffering is calmed to some extent by speaking of it; but who can I speak to about it? There is no one who will understand. The reality about the chord of love that binds Sita and I, is known to my soul alone; and my soul ever abides with her. This is the essence of our love.”

. . . and tears would roll down Rama’s servant’s cheeks, for he understood, his own heart un-mended, his grief for a lost beloved still overwhelming.



Extract: The Chronicles of Han Storm - incarnation as Han Storm, Universe of Kraita, Planet-Duback

“      Gasping for air, I doubled over, allowing my forehead to touch Creata’s sign. I stayed in this position, the sudden coldness and solidity of the floor under my brow energy point grounding me unexpectedly within my body.

      This was a new feeling for me and it brought instant relief from my mental anguish, soothing me, as if the planet itself had felt my sadness and was trying to give me solace.

      A soft breeze played over me and I sat up, giving it my attention, for there were no drafts within this area.

      The gentle smell of Seringa mingled with the sweet of Jasmine before exploding into the stronger scent of Lavender.

      Arbodehien was around. I had not been aware of her for a very long time. She tended not to come close where the family was assembled, only helping out when I really needed her help.

      *You give too much of yourself* she informed me, not from a specific direction but from seemingly all around me, making it impossible to pinpoint her exact location.

      *Why do you say so?* I queried, suddenly irritated with the guessing games she played regarding her actual location.

      *Sometimes The Creator allows things to happen to you, that you are not supposed to know, not supposed to be aware of* she told me. *He expects you to just carry on, to go about His business and neither you nor anyone around you is aware of the things that are done through you.*

      *I am aware that I am not shown everything that happens with me or through me as you are stating, but what does this have to do with the way I am feeling at the moment?*

      *With your extraordinary love for Jade, you have unknowingly created a unique situation. Your love had been returned in a manner that impressed The Creator and He has taken note of this unique love between you two.*

      I shrugged my shoulders. I was definitely not aware of this close scrutiny from the Cosmos regarding my relationship with Jade.

      *Your love for, and loyalty to The Creator is not in doubt* Arbodehien assured me. *This current lifetime was originally to be a challenge, a test for yourself, for who you really are, for Hanuman to push boundaries on everything you already know, to review old knowledge and to gain new experiences.

      But within the manipulation of events, instigated by free-willed entities, there had been deviations from the original Blueprint and Jade was introduced to you. This was an event that had not originally been written within The Original Planning.

      Due to this drastic change in Plans, The Creator became interested in your intimate relationship with Jade, paying close attention as to what was transpiring in both of your personal, private and emotional growth.

      When events resulted in Jade’s early removal from her physical lifeterm by her Source Creator, The Creator saw fit to bestow a bit of your soul onto Jade.*

      This potent information slammed me so hard that I ducked down with the implications it could create.

      *Are you sure about this?* I queried, deathly afraid of the consequences that this might unleash if Lumox should ever become suspicious.  ”

* * *



Extract: The Chronicles of Han Storm - incarnation as Krish Dameous, Universe of Euphranor, Planet-Leilaka:

”    I stepped away from Ishmay, becoming the elemental that I was, closing my eyes, thinking of the saddest thing that had ever happened to me . . .     

      . . . Feline green eyes watched in wonder as I handed the new little life to her mother. My Jade was dying, her spirit already slipping from her body. I took the baby from her lifeless fingers, watching her spirit step away from her body, away from us, going over to the waiting light portal. She did not look back. She did not even say goodbye . . .

      Torrential rain came down on us as I turned away. The wound of a lost loved one still fresh within my soul, an unhealed scab over it that I had just scratched off to save these people.

      Moira stood under the trees, waiting for me. I hugged her thick neck, reflecting that four hundred years in my previous Dimension did not heal this wound. And now it was open and bleeding again.

      **You should turn away from this memory. See what you have here with us, with me. Is it not worth being here?**

      *It is* I told her, knowing that if I should leave here, after I had done whatever The Creator wanted me to do, and if I should have a choice in further adventures, I would prefer to stay near my beloved’s Overself. To serve near Lumox for all eternity if it should take that long to find her again.

      I only have time to kill anyway. Eternity was a very long time and at some point, just maybe, I might get to see her again. Then only would my soul be truly content.    ”

* * *



Extract: The Chronicles of Han Storm:

"     1 Nov 2009

      ‘Granny’ Mona had people over for a visit, asking me to come around and meet them, telling them about myself.

      It was a bit overwhelming as I was not in the ‘space’ to receive and see people. But one person intrigued me. I sat at her feet and soon she joined me upon the carpet and we spoke like old friends about concepts that made the other people leave for they did not understand this ‘weird’ person sitting on the floor.

      She gave her telephone number to me and I returned to my family, acutely aware that I knew this person. There is an excitement about the continuation of this association. As if something that had been lost a long time ago, had finally re-surfaced, finally been found and returned to me.


      28 Nov 2009

      Turmoil surrounds me. On one level I am souring. On another I just want to cry and cry and cry.

      I had my confirmation that she is my Jade from so long ago. Just now, within this mature woman before me, I see a spirit that had grown beyond my wildest expectations.


     29 Dec 2010

      Thomas: “Are you happy now that you have found her?”

      “Yes, I am finally content.”           “




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