The Chronicles of Han Storm

AJM Chronicles of Han Storm

Death: What is Life?

Short Story from The Chronicles of Han Storm:
"  I gathered her into my arms, cuddling her fragile body close to mine. Her old age sent permeated my nostrils, driving the awareness of the mortality of the body home.
   "I wish for Death" she whispered.
   "Then stop breathing" I replied.
   She hugged me tight, giving three deep breaths before departing . . .
   What is life but breath blown into a body? You start living with your first breath taken. The body dies after the last breath exhaled.
   But the Soul-Spirit lives on.
   I left my body in the Astral Way, joining my wife where she stood next to our bed, portraying herself as I have always know her, as I have always seen her; a young adult, beautiful and full of life.
   Together we watched the pathetic scene on the bed, our bodies intertwined, the one lifeless, the other devoid of life, yet alive.
   It was time to walk her over to the Land of the Golden Light.
   Soon, I too, would leave this life, not to return here, but to move house to another Dimension. "
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Published 13 April 2014
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