The Chronicles of Han Storm


Reincarnation of Racewater

If you are going to live for 400 years, your friends and family passes on into different dimensions. But sometimes, they wish to re-join you and you get to continue your adventures with their Soul-Spirits reincarnated in new bodies . . .

Excerpt from The Chronicles of Han Storm:

      } I faltered.

      The young recruit in front of me had your typical Gancor disposition. Dark brown skin, black hair, well-built body.

      He even had the Racewater features stamped across his handsome face.

      But what made me gasp is the fact that before me, within this . . . boy, I recognise my brother, my friend, my handler from so many years ago.

      Daniel Racewater, re-incarnated within this new, vibrant body.

      The young man stuck out his hand, waiting to be greeted.

      Within my distress to see Racewater in front of me, yet also not Racewater any longer, I’ve completely missed the name they call him now.

      “I did not catch your name?” I asked, greeting the young man with a firm glove-covered hand.

      “It is Ignesious Racewater. You can call me Racewater. Everyone does.”

      Even his voice was very similar to Daniel’s.

      “May I ask? Are you family of Captain Daniel Racewater?” I turned away from him, seating myself on the comfortable couch.

      “Yes. I’m his nephew. It is a pity that I never had the honour of knowing him. He passed over before I was born.”

      Yes, I thought to myself. It would have to work out this way, wouldn’t it? Incarnating back within the family line to grow as quickly as possible to get your own spirit back to me as soon as you can.

      But what did it help? Now you do not even recognise yourself, thinking that you are someone else.

      And I may not reveal. I may not say. I will have to deal with the issues Daniel and I had between us, all on my own, for you are now Ignesious, the Fiery One.

      Panam handed me his file.

      I smiled a thank you at him. Yes. He too, was showing his age. It was simply a matter of time before the mortal bodies gave out, or are killed in battle. I will soon be left alone, with new people to deal with within my lives.

      Regarding the re-incarnated ones, the ones that choose to continue their adventures next to me, I cannot speak of just yet. We are at that in-between stage. Where planning on all fronts is commenced and new contracts are being entered into on the Other Side.

      I scrutinized his file. He had been through the normal academy procedures and training courses, already carrying the rank of Lieutenant. It was quite an achievement for one so young. His file confirmed that he was barely twenty four physical years.

      Looking over at the statue standing at attention, reminded me that we Creatans had moved away from refugee status to becoming a Universal Military force to be reckoned with.

      Opening planets and new worlds are not for the faint hearted. Our own planet is saved and is receiving the appropriate rest it deserves after serving mankind for thousands of years.

      Other planets had their rest and it was now time to re-awaken them to their function of allowing life to thrive and flourish, giving life-opportunities to all that wish to have these experiences.

      Watching young Racewater’s set jaw confirmed my suspicions that he was as determined to do his duty within this life as he was within the previous one.

      “At ease” I told him. “Please, come and sit down, make yourself comfortable while I study this.” 

      He sat down uncomfortably across from me.

      Panam brought us all coffee and settled next to young Racewater.

      “You feel so familiar” Panam told Racewater, making the young man blush.

      “I have to say, it rather feels a bit like déjà vu” young Racewater replied.

      Panam smiled knowingly. He knew. He always knew. And he was not even psychic.

      “Do you understand the terms of your contract, if you agree to take it?” I wanted to know from Racewater. It felt so odd to be older in physical years than him.

      Universe but this lifetime is going to become really interesting if soul-spirits want to re-join my efforts within other bodies.

      “Yes sir, I do.”

      Okay. That is definitely not going to help. Humility will drive me insane.

      “You may drop the ‘sir’ and call me by my name” I told him. “If we are going to work together as closely as we . . . have to, we are to be on equal terms.”

      Almost dropped it there. 'Used to' would only confuse the boy. Stay with it, Han, no use upsetting him on his first day re-acquainting with you.

      Thomas walked in. Stopped. Stared for only a second and continued as if nothing untoward had happened.

      “Hi” he greeted in his non-threatening way, his bright blue eyes gleaming with mischief.

      I gave him a ‘NO’ look.

      He pulled a sad face at me.

      Seating himself next to me, he helped himself to the coffee intended for me.

      Panam rolled his eyes and left to the kitchen to go and fetch another helping.

      “Are we having a new one on the team?” Thomas asked, taking the file out of my hands, flipping through it.

      Young Racewater was obviously annoyed at this lack of manners, seeing it as a lack of respect.

      He kept his tongue, but I could see his aura starting to anger.

      Just like old times. Always annoyed with Thomas’ know-it-all attitude. ~  



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Re-published 19 Jan 2014


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