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Exclusive Excerpt from The Chronicles of Han: Monkey Tails in the Tree of Life

Tale of the River Crystals


21 May 2018

BA: "Love the photos! Thanks!  

The water/river crystals are amazing! Of course I only see their 'likeness' on a photo, so I can only 'feel' them through my eyes - by sight.  And just by looking at them, I get a 'feel-of-belonging' ... why 'belonging'?  No, I won't even go there ... why analyze a feeling when it comes from Insight/Inspiration?  These little guys must be thrilled that you finally 'found' them ... !" 


HG: "You are correct with the 'belonging'. Ronald picked them up out of the mud at the river, immediately telling my youngest to wash it as it is mom's rocks. When washed off from the mud, he brought them over, handing them to me, stating again, "These are yours," and when I touched them, I KNEW it was mine. 

      But the mystery goes deeper than that, even if Ronald does not wish to know or realize the depth of this announcement.

      All crystals or rocks that come to me are cleansed and then engaged in conversation. As you know I am part elemental as well, thus listening to Earth and all her children speaking is something I also do.

      Thus yesterday afternoon I did the cleansing ceremony, setting them down in front of me before asking each one to tell me their story.

These two specific crystal-rocks were my personal property in a previous incarnation here on Earth and found me, just as I was re-acquainted with my friend XastÅ«n who is still residing at El Pilar. 

      The first crystal, looking like a face, used to be a sculptured rock, now dented and grinded away by years of exposure. It spoke of heartache and death and made me immensely sad for the loss of life that had happened in this area, not only in Belize but across the whole of Central America.

      The other crystal had a spirit captured within, which I agreed to set free. He need not be punished any longer and it is intensely cruel to capture spirits in objects. The release was done in a separate ceremony in which forgiveness had been exchanged from both parties.

      Now the crystal-rock is free as well and can start radiating its own energy and frequency into the world.

      Both had indicated they wished to stay with me at this moment in time. When ready, they will move out on their own into the world.


22 May 2018

BA: "I love the way these 'river' crystals came to you! So Ronald was the channel between you and the crystals!  Funny how he just KNEW they belonged to YOU!  And then, we must not forget J's role in this!   She washed the crystals before they were handed over to you!  Again I see what a beautiful Team the Gibsons make!   And then these crystals tell you their very own story - and what a story! I just loved this!   So much seems to be falling into place - you are where you should be - and when I do a bit of back-thinking, I see that in the 5 months you have been in Belize, your lives have certainly changed!  And because of this I feel that I have also changed in some small way, so my infinite gratitude goes to you, Beloved!"  

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