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Tree of Life - Saturday Scenes - Little Flame

Sometimes Authors and Alpha Readers have some imaginary fun

Written by Bhakta Anjana

Jan 16, 2016

I cannot believe it. It is the middle of January already. It seems as if, as one ages, time moves more swiftly. I've heard this from age-related friends, but never really believed them, until now. Three weeks . . . just gone in the blink of an eye, and what have I done? Entertained family and friends, survived a few colleagues and some great people like David Bowie and Alan Rickman (who was my age). And I grumble about things but there is really nothing wrong with my health at all. I'm better off than most people my age. Gratitude, Monkey, gratitude!

'Nuf of me. Now let us get down to the follow up of the little red dragon I wanted to tell you all about . . . weeks ago?


 *Little FLAME*

Received a message on Xmas Eve from The Angel-in-Distress:

 "Oh, Thank you, thank you.

      I NEVER expected this. Moira arrived safely with little Flame. I'll take really good care of him, allow him to sleep on my chest and prull (purr/growl) into my ear all night long.

      And please thank Link for finding a MINIATURE dragon at that. Little Flame will stay smallish and will not get much bigger than a cat when he is fully grown.

      The magic anti-flame kibble seems to be working a charm as Flame has not spit even a puff of smoke since arriving. Of course I'll allow him some good fire spurts when we are on the beach (with a flame extinguisher on hand of course in case of a hiccup).

      Ahh, some contentment in an otherwise upside down world. A little fireball to heat my cold feet and take my attention away from the dreary now.

What fun lies ahead with this new addition to the family. I've forgotten how uplifting a baby animal can be. He's currently lying curled up in my lap, sleeping after the long journey, with a full belly of course.

      Moira visited a while. I miss her, but she has her own things to do now, so did not stay long. But now I have a new little dragon to look after. Just imagine that!"

Whew, Monkey sighs a sigh of relief!

It all worked out in the end . . . stress or no stress. It was SOOOO worth it! But I have to thank my Team . . . Link is an amazing detective with this amazing gift for sniffing-out the perfect present for the requester! And, of course, how could we have managed this one without dear Mama-Moira! What a wonderful courier she turned out to be! I mean, there was no way I coulddah packaged up this little fire-ball . . . he would have set the Post Office alight, or even worse, imagine flaming-up Santa's sleigh?  Someone would have arrested Santa for terrorism! No, no, we couldn't allow that!

Thank you, Moira, honey! You have no idea how much you helped us out here! You can now return to your little brood! I believe you have several young-uns now? From what I understand, the first clutch are now teenagers? Shame, you have my sympathies! Am I correct in believing you and Lance produced a second lot? And these are now hogging your attention? They would, eh?

My suggestion? Get a Huracan-sitter...OK? Having a dragon nurse-maid will make your life a much easier, hm?  However you make a great mum! And I thank you for your care of Flame. Indeed, he is a bit of a handful, so, one day, we might need your services again . . . just teaching the little guy a few good manners, OK?

Ooooo, I have to share this with you! Something interesting happened to Link as he was 'sniffing around', with the intention of trying to find the perfect red baby dragon (as shown on the wish-list). He happened to be flying over an expanse of water, which, to the eye seemed quite empty of anything, except water!

He told me that suddenly the mist lifted, and he spotted an island beneath him! There had not been any indication of any land around, so it surprised him! But having a curious nature he naturally landed on the island only to find it inhabited by miniature, looking a bit like Huracans, he said, but only much smaller!

A little group surrounded him, and fiercely blew lots of hot air towards him!  The spokesman ( . . . 'spokes-DRAGON'?) . . . must have been the chief-dragon(?) . . . asked Link what he was doing there, and then Link explained his mission!

"Ahhhhh, yessss, we've been expecting you!" Sir Dragon hotly blew over. "You're late!" he grumbled.  "We know what and who you want, and Flame, here, has been waiting impatiently for you! He nearly went to someone else! And you're lucky finding us, by the way! The portal closes in about 10 minutes' time!  So off you go - NOW - and, Flame, play nicely now and do your thing, OK?"

Link grabbed Flame and tucked him under his arm, and off they both flew on Link's magic carpet!  Looking down, the island had disappeared, giving him the impression that it had never existed!   Mysterious, indeed!

Anyway, you know the rest of the story!

But this disappearing island puzzled me, so I went into GOOGLE not only to search for disappearing islands, but also the origins of miniature dragons!

And what I found was this = there is a link (Link? Chuckle-chuckle!!) between mysterious disappearing islands and little dragons!

Firstly they are called Pigmy Dracons, and are part of the Huracan lineage. Somewhere down the evolutionary line, the larger Huracans (like Moira and Lance) and these much smaller Huracans parted, and evolved separately. 

The reason they evolved in miniature is because they were isolated on this island which was and still is in another dimension. It comes and goes according to ideal circumstances (Full Moon on Xmas day?), and because of this, this specific Huracan line didn't need size for protection. They were (are) invisible to closed-minds and 3D vision! But when they need to materialize as solid beings, they do so! As Flame has now done!

Apparently (ooops, are you still with me? I do go on, but this in an interesting fact, so bear with me OK?)  Pigmy Dracons are born with only one mission in mind! Theses wise-ones are born with a fierce and courageous nature...but with that comes a big streak of compassion and love!

Dracons are sent to those who need lots of courage when facing big seemingly impossible challenges. They tend to burn away all fear by sitting on chests and crawling into hearts! All invisible, of course! Our Angel-in Distress mentioned the little guy falling asleep on her chest...that's what they do!

I sense that there is a lot more to these mini Dracons, but I need to investigate this a bit more! They certainly aren't just pretty little fellows!

Golly, I think I have finished with this? 

Well, I'd better go anyway! My Liger waits for me . . . oh yes, he loves the Xmas image and has printed it out, colour and all. He loves a bit of magic as well!

And Monkey couldn't help it...she printed the second 'handful' image . . . I could just eat that cheeky little face...!



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