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Upon Colour Therapy and Healing

The question of why Healing Oil Products are colour coded the way they are, came up again in a conversation and I have decided it time to place this explanation onto a blog to refer fans and interested persons to.

Many Energy Healers, or other people who use different modalities to assist in pointing seekers on their way to health, see or perceive colours while engaging with their clients.

I can only reference from my personal experiences, but have noted that it is quite similar as to what other healers have reported.

When I use what is generally known as Source Energy, I find this energy either of a bright yellow to golden colour, but mostly see it as pure white or crystal. This is usually the main colour of healing and can be quite severe in vibration and execution, packing quite a punch into small doses. (Axhilirit HO - Nursing - Essential Healing)

When fine-tuning this energy, the white changes colour into different tones to specialize into softer notes. When adjusted to specific vibrations, especially where emotions are involved I receive either a pinkish/gold variation or a blue/turquoise with golden tinges. This colouration appears most noticeably where energies are stagnant and need a kick-start (Rejuvinit Beauty - Blemishes)

Where love (especially of self) is needed, I find tinges of pink and gold to be prominent. When I look at the working of Rejuvinit Gold, I see how it activates and assists the heart energy with this colouration. Depending on what the seeker needs, the colour fluctuates from soft pinks through to bright golds and sometimes a tinge of new-leaf green at the edges. (Rejuvinit GOLD)

When working with physical pain and inflammation, I see the red areas and can 'zone-in' to the culprit points immediately for massaging or healing, depending on what comes through for the seeker. When the inflammation is resolved, the areas light up with either orange tinges or yellow/gold. (Axhilirit Pain Therapy)

The moisturizing products are all labelled with yellow. When I look at skin, especially dry, de-hydrated or itchy, I see a dark ochre yellow/reddish hue. When Source Energy is mixed into the vibrational fields, the areas become lighter in colouration, turning to yellowish before goldish and then normal 'white' vibrations.  (Axhilirit E Moisturizing)

Fans have specifically asked what I see/perceive when looking at people with diagnosed cancer. These are dark/stagnant spots or areas, not unlike looking at someone in x-ray vision. Early stage issues might look red/inflamed/dark liver colour. Later stage is dark-liver/dark-grey or black. Sometimes it comes through as decayed fungus hues.

When fans ask me why I do not assist actively in physical healing session any longer, my reply is thus: There are many wonderful Healers and hundreds of modalities available to choose from, yet we can only guide the seeker. No healing comes from us, it is all from you. If you choose life, you can heal yourself. Healers might show you short-cuts and may make you feel better for a while, but if you do not choose yourself to heal fully, or you still need some experience through being 'ill', no amount of healing would be able to assist you completely.

Health also means taking responsibility for your own life. Illness gives you a cop-out. Yes, I agree, sometimes crap happens and we have to deal with it. You will always grow and become stronger while dealing with adversity.

Yes, I agree, we all sometimes feel 'off' our game and 'out of it'. I live this. Read my books, you will notice Han constantly went through a mill. It is not an excuse to keep on staying that way. You evolve, you work around things, you seek and sort yourself out. And you forgive yourself for being human and that things sometimes do not work out and some days your body does not co-operate. It is part and parcel of experiencing physical life.

Through my personal experience, in my opinion, it is best to make a person aware of their own choices available. All information needed has been placed in my books and books by other people. Empower yourself by educating yourself. Take to heart what resonates with you, discard what does not, but, do not judge, for what you discarded might be of assistance to another. Do not wait to be spoon-fed by others for you might not like what they have to offer.

By following the life-story of Han, seekers grow within themselves and healing occurs naturally. Even fiction-fans have noticed this and eagerly await all new books.


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Blogged: 24.08.2016


Feedback Email received 25/8/2016 from Bhakta-Anjana

I have just re-read your Blog again .. 2, 3, 4 X, wow, this packs a punch! 
I'm impressed by the colour 'coding' of your Healing Oil Products  items. I'd not thought of adding colours to your products, but aren't colours also part of the healing process?  WheneverI use any one of your products in future, I will 'imagine' these colours shining through them.
You write - 
"Health means taking responsibility for your own life." !!
Indeed yes. We are responsible for our own well-being! There is no one out there who can 'cure' us, only we ourselves can 'heal' ourselves. Yes, a therapist can help to a certain degree, but in the end it is only we ourselves who take that responsibility for our own healing!  This is not something Big Pharma wants us to know ... for obvious reasons, so we are never taught how powerful we are as far as self-healing goes! 
Not much more to say .. I think this Blog is beautiful and should be sent as is .. no need to add, comment or change anything about it .. thanks for including me here .. it has helped me tremendously today! Synchronicity? Yeah, of course!!
Love, as always,
Bhakta-Anjana :-D!!


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