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Isolating the God Element

a Chronicles of Han Storm Short Story


      "For five years I've been trying to isolate the active ingredient. I can tell you exactly what chemical elements it consists of, observe and measure how it works, but for the life of me, I cannot pinpoint the exact active ingredient.

      Do not get me wrong. This is the most intriguing product I've ever come across, but one can unfortunately not patent The Creator.

      One cannot state to the physical world what you do before I get the product to test. Yes, the product is safe, yes it is suitable for human application and working as stated and expected, but the how and why is still a mystery. And the "why it works" for whatever I test it on is infurioratingly elusive.

      I do one thing, add some other challenge to the test, and the result is still the same, positive, every time . . ."

      The Professor became silent, pensive on the other end of the telephone line.

      "I cannot tell the Council that you fill it with Source Energy . . . " he sighed. "I'm sorry. The Creator cannot be measured."

      "I understand" I replied, intensely disappointed, yet strangely relieved. "Thank you for trying in any case."

      "I know. It is difficult for IRR Practitioners to explain why their products work and impossible for Energy Workers to clarify why their clients feel better or are healed after treatments.

      There is a glimmer of hope though. A new holistic company is claiming to be the first to have infused and energized their products on the principals of Infinitesimal Remedial Remedies and Micro-needling.

      They may claim to be the first, but their statement is not true, for many Energy Healers do this for their clients, placing Source Energy in a physical substance to make a third dimensional connection to Source, like you do. You just do not claim it because of the legal implications.

      Anyway, this new company claims it openly, but how they got it through the registration process is interesting. As only the techniques of natural processed products can be patented, they claim to infuse and energize their products using a high-tech quantum formulated process with specially made computerised equipment, yet the Doctor personally oversees the infusion process . . ."

      Another silence follows, as if the Professor is waiting for a reply that was not forthcoming.

      I had nothing to say.

      "I suggest that you stay on the path you are at the moment" he eventually stated. "It is of no use trying to convince people about quantum physics and pre-programmed Source Energized products that work like nano-technology, but is still all natural when tested physically.

      I've witnessed first hand the miracles your substance achieves. Yet, after all these years, I still cannot isolate the active ingredient. It is my opinion that to use the Natural Substance in its whole state, as you do, stays the best and safest option in any case.

      All I can say is that people will know that you are more than you seem; that your substance works because it truly does, on levels no human can comprehend.

      Keep well my friend. Do not lose heart. I would hate to see these products disappear. I trust things will work out for you."

      The Professor terminates the call and I sit back to reflect on what he had informed me.

      Indeed, isolating the God element has yet again proven futile, One cannot capture or contain The Creator. One can only share It because everything is, at the end of the day, Source's Energy.



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Blogged: 8 October 2015


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