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Extract from The Chronicles of Han Storm: Short Stories

Guiding Them Home: The Death of an Atheist



       O-D was a self-proclaimed Atheist, stating that when you die, it was the end of life, period.

       But when his lifestyle caught up with him and he became ill, lying on his deathbed, he refused to leave this life, struggling to hold on to the fragile thing called body.

       Again my services were needed and I visited the old man, holding his hand, opening a communication to him that other people could not. He could no longer speak and fear gripped his body in spasms.

       He kept on looking at a spot just beyond the end of the bed and I smiled gently at him.

       "They are your brothers who had gone before you. They are waiting for you" I told him softly, referring to both his brothers who had passed on a few months prior to his hospitalization.

       Quietly explaining to him that he should really relinquish his body and that he would not go to any 'Hell' of his own making, I encouraged him to let go, to leave this world and join his brothers that had gone before.

       As peacefulness enveloped him, I left.

       The following day my Divine Support Team informed me the minute he left his body. A little bit later I received the confirmation phone-call from his family members.

       Much later, I was informed by his widow that he had become peaceful and calm after I had been with him. She was appreciative of my efforts, but still does not believe that life continues after the death of the body.

       I experienced a bit of trouble with O-D which came to visit me in spirit form shortly after his funeral. He wished to re-incarnate immediately back into a body. I explained to him that it is not a wise thing to do, that he should really return home to the Higher Heavens and first finalise the life he had just left.

       O-D used to be in the Military and I asked him to liken his visit to Heaven to a de-briefing where he could see what he had been up to in his incarnation. After this 'de-briefing' he could make informed choices as to where he needed, or wanted to go, and if incarnating was actually the best option for him.

       He eventually agreed but before leaving for the Higher Heavens he had to have his last say on this Earth.

       Believe it or not, his wife received an SMS from his cell-phone that was turned off!


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