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Extract from The Chronicles of Han Storm: Short Stories

Guiding Them Home: Healer heal thyself

Extracts from Author’s private diary:

1 April 2007

"Regarding Pancras – healer cannot heal himself. You are here to help Pancras heal himself in whichever way he ultimately chooses – guide him.

You are his loyal and faithful friend

Pank is in for a change regarding student / teacher relations"

5 October 2008

     I have been bothered by my Divine Support Team to go see Pancras. I did so today.

     Not knowing where he lived, I asked my guides to show me the way. Following their prompts, I arrived at his flat where Jonty and Bernadette were already assisting him in making arrangements to go to hospital.

     Pank's body is riddled with cancer. I had been telling him for more than a year to go see a specialist, but he did not.

     Now I had to inform him that plans have changed and that he was free to go Home. He wants his book published and I told him that the Universe will see to it.

     I did energetic pain-release for him and he became calmer, more accepting of his circumstances he had brought about by himself.

     PM. Bernadette sms: Pank back into ER. Vomiting blood and internal bleeding.

     My own nose is running. That is inner crying. I am sad and crying for my friend because I know he is leaving soon. I always know. And yet you give hope to people. You always keep the hope alive. They always want to fight the dying. It is not within everyone to work miracles.

     What I see with Pank's body is not good. There is but little hope.

     Pain management is the only way in which anyone can start reversing the damage to a body. Without the pain one can heal.

     I take myself when I was in ICU. The first thing my people taught me was pain management with golden energy so the body can use all resources for the healing process itself.

     Pank's future is looking bleak at the moment and without hope he will be unable to help himself. I cannot choose for him.

     I love Pank very dearly. We are old soul-friends. We have known each other but shortly within this lifespan but it is a re-acquaintance that will be seen to in the near 'future'.          

     Pank. Do not suffer for the sake of being human. Your work here is done. We will clean up the rest. I beseech you to go in peace. You are safe and your Angel is with you at all times.

26 October 2008 - Pank was flown out to Cape Town. After examination from specialists he was sent to Hospice where he was made comfortable.

27October 2008 – 02h15am Pank went Home.

     We later had a chat. He was positive about the experience he had on Earth. A bit sad that his book's future was unsure, but relieved that his difficult life was over. He mentioned that I was right. He had the power to either heal himself and become a walking miracle, or to just leave, go Home and try again if he so wishes.

     He told me that as soon as the pain was manageable, he looked at the people around him in Hospice and thought to himself 'I'm outta here!' It was quite comical and is a private joke between us.


[Note May 2012: - Pancras Schoonenberg's book 'Challenge your Creator Within' ISBN 0-620-32689-1 electronic version was made available for free on 11.11.11]


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