The Chronicles of Han Storm

Waldo the Weimaraner

Extract from The Chronicles of Han Storm: Short Stories


Guiding Them Home:


Loyalty Beyond the Grave


       Waldo. A soldier following orders to the letter.

       A hero protecting my children from accidental drowning and poisonous snakes.

       Then you became old and incontinent and one evening I told you to please make it easy on everyone and just go die somewhere.

       Of course you followed orders and you did not show up for breakfast. We looked for you, eventually finding you near the stables where you had simply keeled over and died, your body still in a trotting position.

       And there you sat in spirit form next to your body, extremely proud of yourself.

       My heart was so sore and I blamed myself for ordering you to die. Yet you were quite

alright with the situation of not having a body any longer.

       The other dogs did not mind your presence and my toddler kept on singling you out, calling you over to her, making her older sister upset because Waldo had died.

       But Wallie was not gone, he was there, between the other dogs!

       Proof? Who needs proof when you know and can see?


       Waldo eventually left but it was comforting to have him around for a while, even in spirit form.

       It seems as if Weimaraners are notorious for not moving on after passing over. Our other Weimaraner also lingered around after her death, popping up at the most inconvenient of times, usually in the car while we were driving somewhere, making both children extremely happy with her visits.



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