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Originally blogged November 17, 2012

Reblogged September 12, 2015 as this post keeps on 'disappearing' off other platforms and it would probably be the 7th time I'm placing this, again! 


Something new I recently learnt about Bismuth Crystals: This element is Angel Guided (obviously!) and the numberology vibrational number is 11 - Han's number!


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      My husband thanks me for being so supportive with his Bismuth Crystals. I really enjoy the fruits of his labour and love the energy of the different crystals. Every one unique and different and lovely.

      In all my lives I have never come across anything like these Bismuth Crystals. I have never before been exposed to this element, not within the concentrated form I find myself surrounded with.

      Even in the Cosmos this is a scarce element. Not of much physical use to higher intelligent life-forms, it is truly an energetic transformational tool when in its concentrated crystallized form.

      I now know why I had kept my Bismuth crystal closed and packed away for all these years. I am only now able to handle its very high vibrations, finding these crystals irresistible sources of energetic nourishment for not only the soul but the spirit within.

      Soothing, energizing, intoxicating, making me extremely happy, it is as a drug to my Higher Self.

      To test myself, I have placed the crystals in a leather briefcase, leaving the case open in such a way to bask in the full blast of the crystals’ energy.

      What a rush!

      So much so that this body-consciousness can work for hours without tiring, using the energies channelled by the crystals for sustenance.

      Then I close the briefcase, isolating the crystals within the enfoldment of leather which does not easily allow for the passing through of energy. The body-consciousness becomes calm almost immediately, coming down a few notches in vibrational rate and succumbs to the ordinary tiredness of the human form, allowing for sleep.

      These crystals allow me to experience an emotionally joyous feeling.

      When I look at these crystals and explore the depth of the terraces and soothing colours, I receive Cosmic hope.

      In front of me is a piece of tangible miracle, one of a kind.

      The Creator creates these crystals through a catalyst in secret depths of molten liquid.

      Was it not what I had experienced bound to this human form?

      Was my experiences not just part of the process to transform from mundane to who I am in a similar method?

      Was my path so well planned that an experienced Alchemist had given up his originally planned lifepath in order to intertwine it with mine, to teach, to sooth, to support, to love unconditionally, this fragile form called Wife?

      These crystals align individuals to come into extraordinary levels of Transformation within spiritual and energetic levels.


Bismuth Crystal Chronicles of Han Storm



Bismuth Crystals

Bismuth is a rare metal. Our uniquely grown Transformational Bismuth Crystals are specifically programmed with Source Energy to assist the owner in opening up to Universal knowledge.

We only use 99.99% Pure Bismuth Metal. This metal is heavier than Lead and scarcer than Platinum. It is becoming scarcer as it is a by-product of related metals that are being scaled down Globally.

Due to scarcity and expense of the metal, we currently have limited stock available for sale. See selling page.



Metaphysical Properties of Bismuth:

Bismuth is considered a Metal of Transformation, Progression and Order.

Bismuth Crystals are amplifiers of energy and does not need cleaning or recharging.

Bismuth Crystals assist in the transit between the Physical, Astral and Spiritual Realms. Assisting in enhancing wit and wisdom, it relieves the feeling of emotional and spiritual isolation, allowing people in the vicinity of the crystal to feel re-connected to Source.

Bismuth Crystals are also referred to as Labyrinth or Philosopher Stones.

And it cuts through BS (literally) acting as Truth Channels. Try and lie with a Bismuth Crystal in the vicinity. The Truth will come out!



Therapeutical Properties:

Bismuth is considered a powerful general purpose healer that can be used on all the Chakra points.

The strong energy patterns of the crystals act as a stimulant within the energy fields, assisting in clearing the physical-biological fields, allowing the healing process to begin.

As external chaos starts to turn into consciously practiced orderliness, a peaceful internal retreat is facilitated, in turn providing the physical body with much needed vitality.

Bismuth vibrational elixirs assist in diminishing fevers, lessening catatonic states and can be used as an anti-diarrheal, for the relief from peptic ulcers and an internal deodorant (flatulence).




Heavy, as the knowledge they channel, hold in the left palm when meditating or place upon the brow energy point (Third Eye Chakra) while meditating.

The Bismuth Crystals transform the energy of the Crown Chakra (energy point) to energize the Base Chakra, actualizing the power of inner wisdom.

These Unique Bismuth Crystals are helpful in pre-planned Astral Travel. Place on the night stand while sleeping, or in the immediate environment while studying.

Carry a crystal upon your person to assist in stressful situations or use as jewellery.

Subtle transformations towards orderliness, independence, cohesiveness in groups and relationships, working towards common goals and the progression and order in endeavours had been noted in those exposed to the Transformational Crystals. This resulted in positive, life-changing experiences.

Do not place near other programmed crystals as it might wipe the programming.

Can be used to clear other crystals.




Bismuth Metal is non-toxic. These Crystals may cause headaches, nausea, vertigo and/or flu-like symptoms while the vibrational trans-formational process occurs. Sleep is the best solution to these vibrational changes.



Bismuth Crystal Care:

Fragile. Handle with Care. No need to clean or recharge. 


Bismuth Crystal Astral Channel Chronicles of Han Storm



Bismuth Crystal Forms & their meanings:

The different forms (or combinations) of these unique Transformational Bismuth Crystals enhance the specific aspects of their forms, but do not diminish in their original function of Transformation. These crystals can be used in activating, energizing and cleansing other crystals and spaces. The Layered or Terraced facets of the crystals are beneficial in working on several levels at once, assisting in getting to the bottom of things and finding solutions to life challenges.



Multifaceted:Contains more than one specific aspect or form / combining a range of forms.

Bismuth Crystal Healing Oil Products 007



Geode:Crystals contained within an outer shell holds and amplifies energy within themselves. Aids in spiritual growth.

Bismuth Crystal Geode1




Square:These crystals consolidate energy within their internal structures, transforming negative energy into positive energy. Assists in stabilizing thought patterns.

Bismuth Crystal Square Bronze



Square Cluster: Most Bismuth Crystals display this formation, combining the stabilizing energies of the square with the channelling properties of clusters.

Bismuth Crystal Square Cluster1



Terraced Squares/ Triangles: These crystals usually have an elongated side in order to assist the channelling of energy into a specific direction. Depending on how the crystal is placed, it can either be used to channel energy towards or away from the user.

Bismuth Crystal Terraced Square1



Pyramid:Suitable for manifestation, natural pyramids amplifies and then tightly focuses energy through the apex. Use to draw off negative energies and blockages from the chakras and/or to revitalize and replenish depleted chakras.

Bismuth Crystal Terraced Pyramid Chronicles of Han Storm  Bismuth Crystal Pyramid Chronicles of Han Storm



Tabular Seer Crystal:Energy is channelled into or out of this crystal, concentrating on specific areas to be scrutinized, whether Physical, Mental, Astral or Spiritual. This crystal fine-tunes communication with the other realms, assists in bringing about balance and can enhance intuitive knowledge.

Bismuth Crystal Tubular Seer Stone Chronicles of Han Storm



Cluster: Clusters radiate positive energy to the surrounding environment, absorbing negative energy, gently cleansing the environment and other crystals placed in the vicinity.

Bismuth Crystal Square Cluster1 Bismuth Crystal Cluster Chronicles of Han Storm  Bismuth Crystal square cluster Chronicles of Han Storm


Abundance: Consisting of one tall crystal with many small crystals clustered around its base, it assists in attracting wealth and abundance into your life. Position in the wealth corner of a house or business – the furthest left rear corner from the front door.

Bismuth Crystal Abundance Chronicles of Han Storm  Bismuth Crystal Abundance Square Bronze Chronicles of Han Storm



Elestial:With many natural folds and terminations over multiple layers of crystal, this gently flowing energy removes blockages and fear, balances polarities and unobtrusively opens the way to positive change.

Bismuth Crystal Rainbow Celestial Star Chronicles of Han Storm  Bismuth Crystal Elestial Chronicles of Han Storm



Celestial Key:

Looks like a key. Unlocks the doors to higher vibrational experiences.

Bismuth Crystal Celestial Key Chronicles of Han Storm



Arrow: “These crystals cut right through all the negativity we tend to carry with us…in fact, it could well sever all the negativity in one sharp cut!  It also pierces the Heart…and opens that Chakra…bringing with it Total Love!”  Information supplied by Bhakta-Anjana 

Bismuth Crystal Arrow Chronicles of Han Storm



Meditation Ingot:Beautiful surprises with a comfortable, rounded base. Ideal for meditation purposes. Lose yourself in the many facets of these crystals. Some can double up as Geodes and Clusters due to their structure. Quite rare.

Bismuth Crystal Meditation Ingot Chronicles of Han Storm




Bismuth Crystal Colours & their meanings:

Some Bismuth Crystals incorporate all the colours in the same crystal (referred to as Rainbows), where some will feature only one or two colour variations. Others may have a specific individual colour on any one of its facets!



Dark Blue, Indigo, Purple, Violet, Pink:Spiritual Awareness, reconnection with the spiritual planes. Assist with emotional issues and the Knowledge of Being.

Bismuth Crystal Blue Terraced Square Chronicles of Han Storm



Pure Gold:For treasuring the Self, meditations on Pure Being and achievement on all planes of existence.

Bismuth Crystal Gold Chronicles of Han Storm



Bronze / Marbled Gold:Assists with the Formation of Creativity, physical materialization and abundance.

Bismuth Crystal Marbled Gold Chronicles of Han Storm



Cyan, Light Blue, Aqua-marine, Light Yellow:

These crystals assist with Self-expression, Self-love and the Positive Forming of the Individual.

Bismuth Crystal Cyan Cluster Chronicles of Han Storm  Bismuth Crystal Pyramid Cyan Chronicles of Han Storm




Once cooled down, Bismuth crystals are not supposed to change colour, but we have found that when using them for energetic work, they regress to the pure silver/metal colour or unoxidized colour. This tends to be a natural occurrence with our crystals although some energy healers have stated that the crystals do regain some colour with rest. 
Some resellers set their crystals in resin or spray it with a clear lacquer to preserve colour. This does not deminish the value or therapeutic properties of the crystal. It is merely a precautionary preservation technique.





Bismuth Crystal Multifaceted Chronicles of Han Storm


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