The Chronicles of Han Storm

The Chronicles of Han Storm Files First Official Interview


The Han Storm Files: First Official Interview with Han Storm Found

(Location: Duback, Base Zero)

   We have found the very first, official interview with Han Storm.

   The Journalist, Victoria Swift, and a crew from the Hew Haven News had been flown to the first opened planet, Duback, where we are currently stationed. As we did not receive permission to copy this recording, we can only give our readers a transcribed version of it.

    Please note that Rogge had decided to put her own descriptions in so readers might have a better idea how everything looked.


Transcript done by Rogge Wints, VidNews Interplanetary:

   "The camera panned over a scene inside an enormous cavern system. Artificial light from portable lanterns played over the area. It seemed cold as a glimpse of the entrance to the cavern revealed a storm raging outside, snow being blown into the immediate entry of the cave.

   The scene focuses on a tented city, coming to rest upon a thickly padded thermo-tent in a separate small compound, enclosed with wire fencing and guards stationed around the perimeter. It looked as if the occupant was either in dire threat of his life, or a VIP prisoner.

   Three people, thickly padded against the cold, one in thermo gear, the others in natural hide jackets, were standing in front of this special tent.

   The NHN Reporter, dressed in a bright blue thermo jacket, stood between Captain James Heraldt, commander in chief of this venture, and Jade Leykwõta, Han Storm's private telepath.

   "How do you want us to go about this interview?" Victoria Swift, a pretty blonde woman with a seductively husky voice inquired from Jade.

   "Mr Storm is just busy in his private quarters from where he does a lot of his work" Jade replied professionally.

   "Please follow me. He has given permission for you to record what he is doing" the green-eyed beauty with golden skin and black hair replied sweetly.

   "Great. Then we will start right here" Victoria responded, gathering herself in front of the entrance, informing the public in general (as if it was a live broadcast) that this is where Han Storm was currently housed on Duback and that they are about to enter his private quarters to see him at work.

   Without delay, they entered the tent, walking through a shared section to enter a secluded area at the back of the tent, Jade keeping the partition open for the camera man to enter without hindrance.

   Victoria gently whispered into the microphone in her hand that this was the very first time the public have a chance to actually see Han Storm from up close.

   The camera shows a man of average build sitting in a meditative pose on the floor, facing them with closed eyes and relaxed features.

   As the camera zoomed onto the tranquil, handsome face framed with black hair, Han Storm suddenly opened his eyes, staring right into the camera with his unusual, dark purple eyes.

   Everyone jumped at this unexpected move and the camera was jerked over to show Victoria.

   "Good grief!" Victoria exclaimed, indicating to the camera-man to keep on recording no matter what happens. "You startled us" she told Han Storm.

   "May we continue with the interview in a more comfortable environment?" she asked Jade, not moving her eyes off Han Storm's face.

   "Of course, if you all would settle down in the common room, we can continue in comfort" Jade announced, giving Han Storm a gentle smile, as if this startling motion was a private conspiracy between them that had paid off.

   Han Storm came to his feet in one smooth movement, walking through to the front section of his tent where he sat down in a portable chair, Jade handing him a bottle of water.

   He drank some before giving his attention to Victoria who had settled down in a chair facing him.

   Jade sat down next to Han. The Captain took a chair next to Victoria.

   A moment of silence followed as if everyone was summing the situation up.

   Han Storm's face seemed a mask, no emotion showing on it. He was scrutinizing the VidNews Journalist.

   Eyes focussed in concentration, it looked as if he saw her very soul revealed to him. It was a scary kind of scrutiny and made Victoria uncomfortable.

   Victoria gave a hand signal to her camera-man, placing the microphone down in her lap.

   The following bit was not supposed to have been recorded, but the camera kept on rolling.

   "I know that I am supposed to only ask the questions stipulated on the sheet as agreed upon, but I really need to know. If I pinch myself, will I wake up in my bed, or will I still be here on this dreary, cold planet?"

   The question was addressed to Han Storm and the Captain nodded his consent for it to be answered.

   "Pinch yourself blue" Han Storm replied in a disappointingly ordinary male voice. "You are truly here and the cold discomfort should confirm that fact."

   His voice carried well and Victoria left the microphone lying on her lap.

   Victoria indicated to the camera-man that she was ready to start and the camera was trained on her alone.

   "Here we are today, to interview our mysterious benefactor, Han Storm, a Government Psychic that received the visions of other worlds and saw fit to act upon these visions."

    Turning to Han Storm, the interview started. "Mr Storm, what was the first thoughts you had when you realised that these visions you were receiving of portals were actual, real tools that could lead to places one could travel to?"

   "The work we Psychic's do teaches us to trust our intuition" Han Storm replied. "Without it, we are nothing.

   When I was asked by my superiors to investigate the phenomenon of this new find in Darkhust, I was immediately intrigued by the fact that what I saw could become real in my lifetime. Only when the Government revealed how depleted our beloved Creata really was, did I realise that this was not just a co-incidence, but destiny, for us to be able to save ourselves and our planet in the process."

   "We have all observed what the Government has allowed the public to see regarding your endeavours. We have read all about how you grew up in the Government foster system, becoming a solid New Haven Security Force person before the Creata Security Forces purchased your exclusive services.

   What the people would like to know is -  what makes this mysterious man tick? Why do you do what you do? It cannot just be your job, for not even Psychics would give as much, to gain so much for others. Please, we need to know why you do this for us, why you render your services, even though we know you do not need to go beyond duty."

   Han Storm looked over at the Captain, as if asking permission to answer this most delicate question.

   The Captain nodded another confirmation.

   Sighing deeply, Han Storm sat up straight in his chair before answering. "There is one area of my work that the Government keeps highly classified regarding my visions. I have been given permission to reveal this fact to the world today.

   My visions include pre-sight of possibilities of the future. I have seen what would become of us if we stayed on Creata. Within that vision, Creata turned to barren wasteland within the next ten years.

   With these visions came the visions of the Portals. Consulting with Government officials, it was granted that we put all our efforts into opening these tools in order to migrate off Creata to other, sparsely populated planets.

   With the help of my unique ability, which seems to only have to do with our survival as a whole population, we have come to open this planet called Duback, with quite a few other planets lined up that will be opened and made liveable within due course."

   "An extremely unique answer" Victoria commented. "It still does not explain to us what you get out of the deal?"

   Han Storm became pensive for a moment, as if having to give it a moment's thought.

   "Adventure" he replied confidently.

   "Adventure?" all three people asked simultaneously. The recording moved as the camera was repositioned to a better angle.

   "Yes" Han Storm confirmed. "Constant adventure into the unknown. Growth opportunities that could never be had on a single planet. I am not sure if adventure can be addictive, but if it is, then I am an addict."

   "Off and beyond into new frontiers all the time" Victoria commented, her blue eyes sparkling, as if feeling some of the thrill that comes with constantly living on the edge of the unknown.

   "Then you put up with your workload and responsibilities because you can do it and find pleasure in opening these new worlds. Do I understand you correctly?" Victoria wanted to know.

   "Yes. You can see it as such" Han Storm verified.

   Victoria's eyes narrowed slightly, as if she was going in for the highlight of her career.

   "We have also heard about a Legend that contains stories of someone similar as yourself that would come and regain lost worlds and prosperity for Creata" Victoria stated. "I had the honour of meeting with Captain Julius Black from Darkhust. He had informed me about these Legends and that there are five Clans standing united in their belief that you are their 'Liberator'.

   All these Clans have paid high prices to secure your freedom from the Government. What is your personal opinion about what these Clans think you represent?"

   "I am who I am. I do what I do, because I can do it. I go where my visions lead. I love my planet and do not wish to see it perish" Han Storm replied, his voice carefully kept neutral, as if he was reciting a practiced reply.

   "Then you neither deny nor encourage this view about you being 'The One' within these Legends?" Victoria pushed.

   Han Storm closed his eyes, not replying to the Journalist's question.

   "Victoria?" the Captain focussed her attention on him. "Mr Storm needs to start the day. Time to wrap up, please. We will give you the opportunity to record some of his day-to-day functions at a later stage."

   "One last question the public had been asking before we leave?" Victoria pleaded from the Captain.

   Han Storm opened his eyes, staring hard at the Journalist.  

   "Are you single?" Victoria wanted to know, a slight blush coming over her cheeks.

   Jade stood up, went to stand behind Han Storm, wrapping her arms around him, gently kissing him on the forehead.

   "He is taken in marriage already" Jade informed a visibly disappointed interviewer.

   "Come, it is time to leave" Jade informed Han, taking his hand, leading him back to the sanctity of his inner chamber.

   The divider dropped in place behind them, allowing for privacy from the world.

   The camera focussed on Victoria and the Captain.

   "Why all the extra security around Han Storm?" Victoria wanted to know.

   "Mr Storm is of indispensable value to all of us" the Captain explained. "Should anything happen to him, there is no-one else that can do what he does. He is totally unique in his skills, as well as his dedication to this cause. We encourage him to stay inquisitive. It would benefit all of us in the long run.

   We have also found that Psychics need to work in quieter situations and the separation from constant noise is highly advisable when working in the way Mr Storm does."

   Victoria nodded her understanding.

   The recording ends as the Captain leads the NHN Crew out of Han Storm's private prison.

- End of Transcription.



With these first recordings, we found a list of documents that falls into the same date category and went in search of it. It seems that at some point, all documents pertaining to Han Storm, private and Government, had been donated to this facility for safe keeping and future reference.

   We are extremely glad that this is so. It allows us to build a clearer picture of our Planetary Hero, although I am of the opinion that no-one will ever find out exactly who and what Han Storm was.

   As a bonus for today, the following is an extract from a letter (dated the same day of the above recording) written by Storm's wife, Jade, to her Telepathic sister, Skye Leykwõta, who later replaced Jade as Han Storm's personal Telepath.


Extract from Jade's letter to Skye:

"  Han did not reply to the question of being Creata's 'Liberator' as Victoria Swift called him. I wished to know what he felt and pushed him for an answer, stating that the Clans called him such.

   He replied that he was who he was, that he could not change being a servant of the Cosmos, contained within the physical body he had in order to do Cosmic work when needed.

   He stated that he had been created to do all of these unique things, that it was his destiny, his function.

   He said that he has accepted this fact and that he could give himself unconditionally to the tasks he is expected to do.

   But, Skye, he is not able to!

   He battles to come to terms with some of what he needs to do. I see him struggle when he returns from his astral journeys.

   I am the one he comes to in his despair. I see, and experience, what toll it takes to live this type of life.

   I know better than most people what he is. He gets lost in all the different dimensions he works in, returning confused and unable to gain comprehension of his daily physical life I share with him.

   I am furious about his reply to the Reporter. Seeking adventure? Adventure indeed!

   It might have convinced the whole of Creata, but I know that he cannot always cope with the 'adventure' he gets. Then he shuts me out, becomes moody or silent and just gets on with what he has to do.

   Like now. He teleported to the Shield Station to remove explosive devices from the doors.

   I asked him to be careful; not to blow himself up for then all his hard work would be for nothing.

   Would I see him again? Would he come back to me?

   One part of me says he would. The other still has doubts.

   I really, truly love Han. It is just so difficult to get to know him.

   I know, you said I should accept him as he is at any particular time. It is not so easy when we are both stressed with all these new things and all the demands placed on us by the Government.

   At least he tries to be a life-partner too, giving me a kiss before he left. I should probably accept that that was a token of returning to me, should I not? "


Investigative Reporter R. Hawks, New Haven News.


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