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 The Chronicles of Han Storm Files Self-blame of a soldier


The Han Storm Files: Self blame of a Soldier

(Location: Duback, Base Zero)

   I am perplexed. Rogge had come upon recording discs from the Astral Walkers that had served with Han Storm in the Enchan Wars. Included was a whole box full of disks from my very own forebear, Roland 'Slick' Hawks.

   Rogge had re-recorded some of these for me to play on my Q40. She said that it would be best for me to watch it in private and then hand it back to her to transcribe if I so wished.

   The disturbing thing is that I seem to have memory of these events, of the very private happenings Slick had talked about. How can someone seem to have knowledge of events that happened more than 500 years ago?

   If any of my readers could maybe have an explanation of why all of this feels so very familiar, please leave a message at my private line at the New Haven News, New Haven, Creata. It will be forwarded to me here on Duback.   

   Investigative Reporter R. Hawks, New Haven News.




Recording: Astral Walker Roland 'Slick' Hawks:

   Hawks seems haggard, his eyes swollen and red, tears glistening within.

   "We lost Quill" he stated into the recording device, wiping at his eyes with a brown sleeve. " We . . . (sniff) . . . we were still connected when he passed over."

   (Sigh with extended exhale).

   "Quill came to me in Astral, to warn me of the attack right inside the Portal Camp. I panicked and could not get into my body to shut the crio-chamber down, to warn my AWA."

   (Wiping hands through long sandy-red hair before focussing on the screen, a serious expression replacing the one of anguish.)

   "Han went mad. Really, totally off his rocker. Canning said he had never heard of such a thing as what Han had done. It was horrible.

   (Look away, look back at screen).

   I spoke to Racewater. Han is under observation in Hulo's tent at the moment. He had guarded over Quill's body through the night, only allowing Hulo into the tent this morning.

   The worst thing that can happen to a telepath is to lose a telepathic connection.

   It is bad enough that I . . . we . . . have lost a brother; a beloved companion; an Astral Walker.

   Racewater said that Han had killed at least four Lizards and the last count I had received on the slain Cannibals was forty-five.

   I guess that just about evens out the total killed on both sides.

   War. I was not aware that the situation would become full blown war.

   I have lost my brother. It was my fault (sniff) . . .

   It IS my fault . . .


End of recording.



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