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The Han Storm Files:

Han Storm's involvement in Longevity Confirmed

(Location: Duback, Base Zero)

   We all know it as fact that Han Storm was almost 400 years old when he suddenly and inexplicably disappeared from public and Government view.

   Today, we had come across documentation confirming that Mr Angus Thornton, founder of the Thornton Foundation, was a Longevite client of Han Storm. Several documents, private and Government, declare visits that Mr Thornton had with Han Storm throughout the years of Han Storm's active duty to the CMC.

   Mr Thornton had regained his physical health from life-threatening emphysema at his first visit with Han at the Planetary Security Forces Head Quarters, Prosia, Planet Creata.

   The next visit Mr Thornton paid Han Storm was so beneficial that it was described by Mr Thornton's bodyguard that he could 'walk with minimal assistance' out of the ward where Han Storm had seen him.

   That something phenomenal had happened in that ward was confirmed by Dr P Ridgeback who stated that he found bloodied shrapnel pieces on a table next to the bed where Han Storm had seen Mr Thornton. The inexplicable part is that there was absolutely no medical equipment on hand in the room, so no excisions could have been made with tools.

   Having heard miraculous stories about Han Storm, we can only speculate, as suggested by Dr Ridgeback, that he had used energetic surgery to release Mr Thornton's body from the foreign objects stuck in it for years.

   Mr Thornton was a publicly accepted Longevite who passed away at the official age of 524, fifty years after Han's disappearance.  

Investigative Reporter R. Hawks, New Haven News.


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