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The Han Storm Files: Reports, Reports, Reports

(Location: Duback, Base Zero)

   Han Storm must surely have been the most studied subject in all the Known Worlds.

   As well as the most mysterious.

   It seems as if he had been scrutinized every minute of every day.

   A typical daily report would include what the people perceived his mood to be when he woke up, what he had at every meal, or whether he had preferred not to eat or drink something. Any special requests were noted with meticulous care. What he did through the day seemed to have been mostly planned by the CMC.

   We have found sections of these daily reports on Han Storm, his whole medical history including his doctors' private diaries, as well as all the Government files with reports on his missions.  

   As yet, we have not come across the reports that stated what exactly happened to Han, where he had gone, why he had disappeared from our realms. So many questions remain unanswered and the mystery deepens with every document scrutinized.

   There is nothing personal about Han Storm here, his feelings, his desires, what made him the man he was. Maybe, somewhere amongst all these boxes of files and reports, we might find something of Han Storm. Just maybe there is something personal hidden amongst all the information.

Investigative Reporter R. Hawks, New Haven News.


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