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The Chronicles of Han Storm Files Start of a Lifetime Adventure 1   

The Han Storm Files: Start of a lifetime adventure

(Location: Duback, Base Zero) We are finding ourselves at Base Zero. This is what the facility outside of Stelārşea is known as. This had been Han Storm's official home base for as long as he had served the CMC.

   We have requested, and surprisingly been granted, accommodation here, finding only a few members of staff to keep the facility in working order and impeccable neatness.

   We three reporters have decided to work together as this would be the best to sift through such volumes of information.

   VidNews Interplanetary is sending us state of the art scanning equipment that will digitise the documents immediately into working format. We have also found recorded footage, but as our modern technology is no longer able to decipher the ancient recordings, we have spread the word that we need the assistance of everyone that could help in finding the old equipment that could play the recordings.

   In this regard, Professor McTee has agreed to request the museums to see if any such equipment is still in working order. Rogge is an expert in VidNews equipment and will handle the transcriptions and, if possible, place the recordings onto the modern quantum players.

   Paggan has been trained in most of Creata's Ancient languages and would be able to translate the different documents as needed.

   Maybe, with a bit of public pressure, we could gain some extra assistance in helping hands?

Investigative Reporter R. Hawks, New Haven News.


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Published 5 January 2014

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