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The Han Storm Files: Declassified

(Location: Creata, Prosia) After 150 years of our inter-planetary hero disappearing, the files on Han Storm, Creata's most revered and beloved Telepath, has finally been released for reporter review by the Creata Migration Committee.

Prof McTee, head of Communications at the CMC, has chosen only three Newsgroups to cover the release of the files. The New Haven News, The Creata Post and VidNews Interplanetary had been authorised to release said information in the files to the public over the coming weeks.

This agreement came after years of lobbying and activists claiming that they have the right to know more about Han Storm and what he had done for us. The right to a documentary has been secured by the Thornton Foundation.

Investigative Reporter R. Hawks, New Haven News.


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Published 24.12.2013

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