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Death: The End Game

Excerpt from The Chronicles of Han Storm, Reclaiming Duback, Book 2

"     I wondered how one could undo a vision.

      I knew how Racewater was going to die, just not exactly when. I kept on seeing the exact same vision, no matter how many times I tried to negate the events that led to his demise.

      In every attempt to change the vision, it reverted back to the original end result I saw.

      It was one of the things that made me so apprehensive about Encha.

      Turning my thoughts to the end-game of free-willed entities, I wondered how it worked. Did they choose their deaths, the place they wanted to leave a physical life, the way in which they exited?

      Sitting up in bed, I gave my attention to Duek, my Dark Guardian.

      *How does this work?* I wanted to know from him, being fully aware that he followed everything that ran around inside my pretty little head.

      "*Death*" Duek answered.

      "*The Transformation from the physical, back into the spiritual realms. There are no specific rules regarding Death.

      The intricacies surrounding it are endless and the options inexplicable to entities like us.

      Most free-willed soul-spirits choose their time of departure from a physical life. About two weeks before their planned exit, they will become aware within their bodies that it is time to prepare to go home.

      Most are quite content to leave their physical lives, having toiled for a long time to get to the stage of release.

      Others plan their exit points with options. They work several stages into their lives with several exit points, depending on what they have achieved and whether they considered themselves ready to take on a few more physical experiences. They have the right to opt out from an exit point, or to take a specific exit point.

      Some want to experience a specific kind of exit, violence is usually involved and the stage is set, the players are congregated and the act is taken to its finality.

      Some people get unlucky and simply find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time, getting in the way of such an event and losing life inappropriately. They are compensated for these 'errors' in their next physical incarnations.

      Some soul groups plan to oppose each other and whole areas of planets are set aside for these stages to be performed on. Planning going into such events is enormous, but in the end everyone usually experiences what they wished to.

      Natural disasters are another option for exiting and experience. When a natural disaster is imminent and almost ready to commence - and we usually know about these things happening before the people do, the soul-spirits are called to those areas where they wish to have their experiences. Or they are already incarnated in that specific area.

      Some do not go there to perish, but to survive, wanting to have a different kind of experience, a different story to be able to tell.

      Some soul-spirits just get fed up with life, feeling that they have grossly failed the tests they have set out for themselves to accomplish, and allow their bodies to become so depleted that it dies from disease.

      Some want to die from disease, wanting the first hand experience of what other people go through when this happens.

      Death is a very personal, usually carefully planned event. It does not usually occur randomly.*"

      *What about suicide?* I wanted to know.

      "*Again. Not a random act. Some people plan this route and are allowed to take their own lives into their own hands. But they really do not. They are simply following their planned experience, how it feels to kill your own body.

      It gets a bit more complicated when someone does commit 'suicide' as you call it. When they did not have permission, or it was not planned into their paths, they can find themselves in a heap of trouble, if they get to go back to the Higher Worlds.

      Those that have planned a self-death, returns to the Higher Worlds and their demise is usually a shock to the world. No-one saw it coming.

      Those that try suicide and are pulled back or interrupted are actually unstable people, needing urgent help or attention. People shouting for help usually talk about wanting to kill themselves, their spirits are depressed as they cannot cope within their physical lives. They are grossly failing their tests.

      When these people do succeed in killing their bodies, they find themselves worse off than having to keep on trying in their bodies. Now they realise that they have made a huge mistake and have no body to return to. They become stuck in spirit form within the physical planes of existence.

      If they do not acknowledge the help of specially trained people and spirit entities, they might never find their way home, back to the Higher Worlds.

      Sometimes these 'suicides' are highly evolved beings and realise their mistakes immediately for what it was - a mistake. These soul-spirits are taken back into the Higher Worlds and have priority clearance to try again in a physical body as soon as one is available.*"

      *I know Tucker had his death planned and it was executed to his satisfaction. But what about Cheryl? It did not seem as if she had any planning in her demise?*

      "*Cheryl's death was not planned by herself. It was not her original exit point. The person that had killed her was under the influence of a Rogue Lord, and strong drugs. He actually did not know what he was doing until the drugs wore off and he realized what he had done.

      Cheryl was warned about this man. She did not take heed of her Guardian's warnings.

      She is okay now with the way in which she had exited, but it had put her off further physical life experiences. She chose not to incarnate into the physical again. Instead, she is dedicating her spiritual life to assist people like herself, helping them spiritually through tough patches in their physical lives. She has become a Guide.*"

      *Thanks for sharing this information with me. It feels better now that I know.*

      "*Just by you being able to give her messages to her physical father, you have healed her world for her. You will never know how many individuals you help with what you do, with who you are.*"


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