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Conscious Awareness



Excerpt: The Chronicles of Han Storm: Taming Encha


"      "Conscious Awareness. Being conscious is being aware of being aware." 

      I could not help gaping at him and Tempodium laughed his short, sinister little laugh. 

      It was funny and I laughed as well. 

      "I know. I get that reaction every time with that explanation" he told me. "Just think about it. When you sleep, if you were a 'normal' person, you sleep, waking up refreshed and ready to continue with your day without any recollection of what your spirit was up to while you slept. 

      This brings on the perception that when you sleep, you know nothing. Nothing happens, so there is nothing when you are not aware. 

      But when you become aware of being aware, you become Conscious of being Aware. When you start to 'dream' to 'see' beyond the normal boundaries of awareness, you start to awaken to the possibility that there is more to being alive and aware than just being aware. 

      One becomes aware that there is an orientation of consciousness and it manifests in your viewpoint from where you see the Universe. 

      If you do not see life after death. If you are not aware of this. There will be nothing for you after death. Your Soul-Spirit might become a non-entity, a lost soul and you might become lost to Creation, waning away within the fields of lost souls until The Creator incorporates you back into the ethers of existence and you are snuffed out – permanently. 

      This brings us to free will. We always talk about fee-willed entities being The Creator’s children and us, being Servants, with a few other Cosmic Groups in-between." 

      "Like Guardians and Angels?" I enquired. 

      "Yes, like Guardians and Angels. But there are some other groups as well, created for purposes that not even I am totally aware of. Free-willed entities have a choice of what they wish to pay their attention to. It is their choice. They may play, make mistakes and none of their choices will ever be considered 'wrong' for they were created to be able to make their own choices. 

      Whatever they wish to experience, they are free to choose it. Positive or negative, their Father will go out of His way to accommodate His children."          "




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