The Chronicles of Han Storm

The Body is just a Vessel for the Soul-Spirit



Excerpts from Han Storm: Chronicles of Han, Creata Trilogy, Taming Encha


“      Screaming with laughter, Moira answered that question for me.

     **You are so silly sometimes. Always suspicious of deception. Jade did not have the documents before she allowed herself to mother a child with you. Neither did she deceive you. No-one knew that I was going to have a sister before you left for Encha.**

     Thank goodness Jade did not follow this conversation, looking querying from me to Moira, annoyed that she was shut out from this telepathic exchange.

     *Thank you* I told both of them, pulling Jade nearer to the bed to acquaint myself with the new little light inside of her.

     **She does not acknowledge us, Daddy. She wants to experience from a more normal perspective, going it the hard, human way** Moira explained why I was not receiving an answer from this little light.

     *Oh!* I told Moira, puzzled about this.

     **You are so new to the ways of free-willed Soul-Spirits** Moira told me, exasperated.

     *Then enlighten me, O Wise One!* I teased.

     Moira turned serious, slipping off the bed to go sulk upon the chair.

     **You should not mock me** she told me, not looking at me.

     *Then teach me. These are not things that I know about. I never had children before and am ill equipped to deal with this subject.*

     **I will teach you the ways of free-willed people. I know you are a High Lord and I know it is difficult for you to comprehend how things work with us.

Just as you needed a very specific body, we too, look for the best people to come together to create a suitable body for our needs, for what we wish to experience.

A lot of planning goes into finding the right couple that have the correct probabilities within their future paths that would allow us to make the most of a life-opportunity.

     Then, when the time is right, and pro-creation is imminent, we gather ourselves at the edges of our parent’s consciousness to allow for the moment of fertilization before being allowed to gain entrance back into the physical world.

     It is likened to a private portal being opened from the Land of the Golden Light, straight to the warm womb of a mother . . .


     . . . Within this circle of death back onto the real plane of existence and birth into a physical environment, free-willed entities lose their way, becoming trapped upon the wheel of birth and death, forgetting that in-between physical lives, one must return home to scrutinize your experiences and see what one has accomplished within the physical life.

     Fortunately, a great percentage of Creata’s people are remembering who they are and that the true home is not here, within a physical environment, but upon a higher plane of existence.

     But still, most of us wish to have more experience of the physical, using it as a school of choices and a playground for emotional education.

     Those in the know use our time wisely, without forgetting where we really come from and who we really are. This is why I can call you my Daddy with all the love in the Universe, and yet, know that I am as much your Teacher as you are mine.**      “



* * *



     “Your body was in a state and it took all my experience to keep it together for your return. I do not know what had pushed it over the edge.”

     He spoke of my body as a vessel, a thing that had to be maintained in order for me to perform my functions within this physical environment.

     It felt strange to be in the presence of someone, especially a physician, that saw as I did. Someone that separated the physical and spiritual into absolute categories.

     I looked at Doc G with new eyes.



* * *



     “And when did you suddenly turn into a philosopher?” Alis asked Slick in amazement.

     “Since I had been talking with Hulo and Ariel. Since I have seen that which other people cannot see within the physical environment.”

     Slick tapped his chest for emphasis.

     “know where these people go when they die. know where I will leave to once I decide to relinquish my body. know for sure that I can go anywhere I want, experience anything I wish. I can leave and take up a body not from here. I can seek out another Dimension to relocate to or ask the Higher Council if I could leave on adventures within a parallel world.

     The thing is, Alis” he turned to look Alis in the eyes. “I know, I do not believe any more. I have walked without a body, yet still being connected to my body. I come back to the stinking flesh and cannot understand how Han can stand to have to take up a body every few hours.

     Universe. It is driving me insane. Yet I want to be in both worlds, free to fly around and see and experience things in the Astral, but also here, captured within my body to experience the things of the flesh. It is just so infuriatingly difficult to balance the two worlds when you KNOW.”             “



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