The Chronicles of Han Storm

The Extended Senses

Excerpt: The Chronicles of Han Storm, Taming Encha

“      *What are the extended senses?* Arbodehien wanted to know.

      Touch. Experiencing active feedback through touching any other vibrational item that I perceived as solid.

      Hearing. Being able to hear people’s thoughts in the Gaoucomian way, even if they have shields to try and protect themselves from other telepaths.

      Sight. Seeing beyond anything anyone had ever experienced. Psychic Sight, Energetic Sight, Quantum Sight,NavigatorSight.


      O my Universe! So here we go again. Just when I thought I had the hang of it.

      *And taste* Arbodehien confirmed. *You are totally open at the moment and will disturb other psychics and telepaths, so take control of your body and your thoughts.*

      Sighing, I got up, walking effortlessly over to the bathroom to go and inspect myself.

      Even seeing myself in the mirror, I was portraying an older version of myself, an image shimmering over my real body, which was a younger version of myself.

      I was not even solid to myself at the moment and queried Arbodehien upon what other people would perceive seeing me this way.

      *You still look solid and three dimensional to them* she informed me. *They will see whatever version it is you allow them to see, whichever version of yourself you prefer to show to the world.*

      Watching the mirror, the double image overlapped and my physical eyes saw an older version of Han Storm. ”



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