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The Path of Destiny

Excerpt from Chronicles of Han Storm: Taming Encha, Book 3

"        Racewater sat staring at me a while longer before making up his mind to ask me a question outright. "I know you are busy with a lot of things at any given moment in our perceived time, but may I ask, what do you see, what do you perceive?"

        My throat started closing up and my heart-rate immediately increased.

        "In what regard?" I wanted to know, feeling the Hand of Destiny being lowered upon my shoulders, Duek closing in with his icy clasp around me, isolating me from the world.

        Racewater did not back down, he did back up though, standing up and stepping away from me to get out of my Dark Guardian's overwhelmingly cold reach.

        "We are on the subject of Universal work, nothing to do with Creatans. I wish to know if you know where we are going on a Universal scale."

        Duek confirmed that it was a legitimate question and that I was allowed to answer Racewater.

        "When I see, or rather foresee" I answered Racewater, "I am aware of many things at the same instant. I see where we should be going immediately, as Creatans, as myself and my team, in opening new planets and working where we are at the moment.

        Then, at the same time, I foresee where we are still to go, expand, open up, re-adjust and balance; working on physical and spiritual levels, for the Physical cannot exist without the Spiritual.

        I see where the planning leads and the original Universal planning runs. I see how we overlap the original design or deviate from it, having to work around unexpected encounters.

        I see not only this Universe but beyond borders into other Universes and Galaxies, sometimes into parallel worlds, where events there may lead to drastic changes in our immediate situation, our mission of expanding this Universe to reach a balanced conglomerate that can give entities of all varieties diverse opportunities to experience life in different vibrational dimensions.

        I see not just tomorrow, or the day after, but hundreds of years into our proposed futures."

        Racewater sank into a chair at the opposite end of the table, totally stunned at my answer.

        "My Universe, Han. And you still act sane?" he smiled at me, softening the verdict that I must truly have gone over the edge of madness.

        If only he knew how near that edge I have come within this single lifetime.

        "It is not so bad" I laughed heartily at him, trying to bring a bit of happiness into the room. "I am okay with most of it and as long as I focus on only my tasks at hand, I cope quite well with everything that I know is going on around me, everywhere out there, at the same time."

        He stared at me for a moment longer, then asked another question that seemed to have been bothering him for some time.

        "Then if you can see all this that you claim to see, why does it sometimes seem as if you know nothing of where we are going, why do you not know everything beforehand, why must everything be such an absolute struggle to do?"

        "That is the beauty of it all. Within the Universal pathway I see, I see hundreds of variables, of possibilities that may come to pass, or may be discarded. Some areas are hidden from me for it is not in my personal interest to pursue the possibilities of the future.

        Some of it is not yet my concern and most of it is still hanging in the balance upon what free-willed entities must still decide. It is only when decisions have been made that the Universe can play its next hand.

        If free-willed decisions do not lead back to the planned path, but deviate off it too far, events will be manipulated to get back onto the planned path. 

        As for myself. By now I have figured out that I am a blank slate, able to become whatever the Creator wants me to be in any given moment, if that makes sense?"

        "Perfectly" Racewater sighed. "




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