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New Missions Looming


Excerpt from Chronicles of Han Storm, Taming Encha, Book 3:

        "If I had ever felt removed, separated, alienated from the human species, my people surrounding me, it was at this very moment.

        I looked over at Jade, so beautiful and vibrant with life growing within her, and I felt as ancient as only Madge made me feel.

        I have taken many forms of life. I have loved many entities before. I still love those that were very special to me and I remembered their essence, their faces, their history as of yesterday.

        I have served in so many places. I wished to serve in so many more. I knew I would carry on indefinitely, infinitely, until The Creator deemed me redundant and made me one with Him again.


       Jade handed me comfortable civilian clothes, asking me to hurry up for James wished to see me urgently.

        The CMC had wasted a significant amount of time waiting for me to adjust to my new form and vibrational levels. They wished to know where they stood with me.

        Sighing, I followed her out to my common room that had been turned into an emergency command post.


       Papers, maps and report files were scattered over the table, empty coffee mugs stood around and Hack and James looked tired.

        Madge was on hand as Handler and Healer combined, for Panam and Racewater had already left.

        James took the word.

        "Have you sorted out what you needed to?" he wanted to know from me.

        I did not answer him, taking an empty seat across from him.

        Jade removed the mugs, starting to rinse them at the sink.

        James lent forward, pushing some reports in front of me. "Here are the preliminary, updated reports about what had transpired on Encha since you have left. Please scan through that and give us an opinion if you can."

        As I tentatively touched the first report, not receiving explosive pre-sight on it as per usual, James continued speaking.

        "Hack had informed us that you were within a brutal upgrade period, advising us to keep you away from everyone. We are no longer distressed when you change" he tried to explain and I looked up at him.

        "All we need to know is if this change was for the better and if you had retained all your functions."

        "Yes. I did" I replied, paging through the report on top of the pile.

        "Then, will it be prudent to ask what this change entailed, whether or not you had been able to open another planet for us?" James insisted to know.

        My body sat at the table, reading the Enchan Report, hearing James asking for feedback on where we were with the mission at the moment.

        My consciousness followed Jade around like a love-sick puppy, sticking to her aura like glue, terrified of being ripped away from my young wife, my comforter, my life-line.

        She felt me around her, curiously looking back over her shoulder, catching my eye for an instant, knowing immediately that I was not contained within my body, but around her.

        James became irritated.

        Madge cleared his throat, mumbling in Kwailuan that they needed my attention.

        Hack looked over at Jade standing at the wash-basin, washing the mugs.

        *You should return here* he told me, lightly touching the back of my left hand, gently guiding me back to where I was supposed to be.

        Sighing, I started breathing again, back in my body again.

        "Are you even listening to me?" James queried.

        I stood up, walked away from them all, running my hand through my hair.

        James wanted to follow, taking my silence as denial for his insistency.

        Hack placed a hand on his arm, preventing him from standing up.

        Again I saw as Navigator and the wall of my home suddenly became dark black space for me, dotted with stars, sprinkled with Galaxies.

        As if in vision format, I chose our Galaxy, bringing it forward for scrutiny, before choosing our Star System with a prompt from my finger, as if I was working on a touch screen, simply pressing whatever I needed within a virtual world.

        "Creata" I told them, not knowing if they were able to see what I was seeing at the moment.

        "Dōhr, Duback, Encha, Kraitika, Morleno, Mirragona, Tri-Slionia, Oswond, Kg-Nath . . . " I listed the next available planets in the Galaxy of Duback, all filled to the brim with sustainable life, ready to be explored to our heart's content.

        Wiping the virtual space-board clean, I brought up a part of the Cosmic Map that showed an extensive area of Creation.

        Pointing with my finger, I showed them where our Universe, the Universe of Kraita was. 

        "This is Kraita, our Universe" I informed them.

        Then I showed them where our Dubackian Galaxy was located, near the edge, or border of our Universe.

        Pointing, I showed them where Limïer was, more to the inside of our Universe, within another Galaxy, 'near' to ours.

        Enhancing the Dubackian Galaxy, I showed them where the Star System of Gly-Terrion was situated, almost on the other side of our Galaxy.

        "Gly-Terrion" I told them.

        I was not sure why I was doing what I was doing, but the people at the table seemed stunned, with Jade sitting down at it as well, softly seating herself next to Hack, her legs suddenly no longer able to support her.

        I pointed to Creata before touching Duback.

        "Duback. One year to open, three and a half minutes by wormhole from Creata."

        I placed my finger on Dōhr. "Three to four months to open, three and a half minutes by wormhole from Duback."

        I placed my whole outstretched hand over Encha, as if I wanted to crush the life out of the planet. "Three minutes from Duback. Six to nine months to secure sufficiently."

        I stopped. Dropping the illusion, it looked as if water was washing paint off a wall and my world solidified into proper three dimensions again.

        I just stood there, staring at the blank wall, wondering what to do now.

        A short silence followed in which no-one seemed to breathe.

        "Where to from here?" James whispered over the silence.

        "Encha" I replied.

        "And after Encha?" Hack prodded softly.

        "Encha" I replied again.

        "Then you need to go to Encha to get to the next planet?" James queried carefully.

        "No mission confirmed" I replied.

        James' temper rose, but Hack cautioned him. "He is in a vision. Do not disturb. We might lose valuable information."

        A shudder ran through my body, from my toes to my head and the warmth I had experienced previously was replaced by cold that felt as if my marrow had frozen within my bones.

        I turned back to my people, concentrating only on Jade.

        "I'm . . .  tired now" I told her, my tongue slurring from exhaustion.

        "Come" she told me, coming around the table to take my hand, leading me to our bed. "


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